Tuesday, July 06, 2004
  Choose Life, Vote Bush!
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Kerry Says He Believes "Life Does Begin At Conception."
"I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception." (Jonathan Finer, "Kerry Says He Believes Life Starts At Conception," The Washington Post, 7/5/04)

In Dubuque, Iowa, a community known for its strong Catholic and pro-life history, John Kerry stated that he believes that life begins at conception. However, John Kerry's voting record over the years and his public statements clearly show that he is one of the abortion-on-demand crowd's biggest supporters.

In an attempt to blur the issue and win political points, John Kerry is trying to appeal to pro-lifers and hope they ignore his voting record and his public statements. If someone is willing to acknowledge that life begins at conception and does nothing to protect that life, it demonstrates a startling lack of conviction and politics at its worst.

Kerry Says He Will Provide Abortion Rights Supporters "Clearest Possible Choice" In Kerry/Bush Contest. "And if elected president, I will nominate judges who will seek to expand [abortion] rights and opportunities--not reduce them. In this area, anyone who values a woman's right to choose in particular or constitutional privacy rights in general will have the clearest possible choice between me and President Bush in 2004." (Sen. John Kerry, A Call To Service, 2003, p. 182)

Kerry Says He's Only Presidential Candidate "Who Hasn't Played Games" With Abortion Issue. "I'm the only candidate running for president who hasn't played games, fudged around,' said Kerry, a Massachusetts senator. If you believe that choice is a constitutional right, and I do, and if you believe that Roe v. Wade is the embodiment of that right ... I will not appoint a justice to the Supreme Court of the United States who will undo that right." (Mike Glover, "Kerry Says No Games' On Abortion," The Associated Press, 1/26/04)

What others say about John Kerry

Kerry Is First Presidential Candidate To Ever Be Endorsed By Planned Parenthood Action Fund.
(Laurie Goodstein, "Vatican Cardinal Signals Backing For Sanctions On Kerry," The New York Times, 4/24/04)

Kerry Received 100% Ranking For 2003 Votes From Planned Parenthood. (Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc. Website, , Accessed 1/24/04)

Kerry Received 100% Ranking For 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Votes From NARAL. (NARAL, Congressional Votes On Abortion, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993)

John Kerry's Voting Record in the United States Senate

Kerry Has Voted At Least Six Times Against Banning Partial-Birth Abortion.

Kerry Has Voted At Least 25 Times In Favor Of Using Taxpayer Dollars To Pay For Abortions In United States.

Kerry Voted Against Unborn Victims of Violence Act - "Laci and Connor Peterson's Law"

Nonpartisan National Journal Scored Kerry's Votes Most Liberal In Senate For 2003. Kerry scored a Senate-high 97% liberal rating for 2003, beating out Sens. Barbara Boxer (91), Hillary Clinton (89), Ted Kennedy (88), and Tom Daschle (80). (National Journal Website, "How They Measured Up," http://nationaljournal.com, 2/27/04)

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