Monday, August 01, 2005
  Aren't You Glad He's Not In Charge!
From Bob Schieffer's closing commentary, Face the Nation, July 31:
"[John] McCain, along with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, is sponsoring legislation to outlaw, quote, 'cruel, inhumane and degrading' treatment of all prisoners held by the United States. Incredibly, the administration is trying to kill this legislation, claiming it would hamper the fight against terrorism or some such.
"Here is my question: Does that mean we endorse torture? Of course not. But what will the other side make of those words? John McCain has no more sympathy for the terrorists than I do. He is worried about our soldiers. He knows that if the enemy believes we are torturing their people, they will be more likely to torture our people."
News Flash, Bob! The enemy is sawing the heads off their prisoners. The enemy is executing Iragi soldiers and police en masse. The enemy is terrorizing people by blowing innocent men, women, children and babies to bits with roadside bombs and homicide bombs.

How much "more likely to torture" do you really think we can make them?
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