Wednesday, August 10, 2005
  Where's PETA When We Need Them?
Have you heard about the latest tactic the terrorist murderers in Iraq are using? Dog bombs. Our troops use their dogs to detect explosives and bombs and regard them as friends and heroes, but not the bad guys. They rig these poor pups with explosives and hope that they will approach our soldiers so they can detonate them.

Someone at PETA really needs to get on the ball here and condemn this practice. Maybe they could even send some of their folks over to protest like they did at KFC here last week. They could even liberate these poor draftees of the jihad.

Seriously though, even Muslims, who consider dogs unclean, condemn this new atrocity. "How can they use these lovely pets for criminal and murderous acts?" asked Rasha Khairir of Baghdad.

Even the spokesman for the hard-line Muslim Scholars Association said, "Our religion does not permit us to hurt animals, neither by using them as explosive devices nor in any other manner."

The practice of bobby-trapping dead animal carcasses as IEDs isn't new in Iraq, but the use of live animals is a recent and disturbing twist. Al Mada, a daily newspaper carried an editorial cartoon recently depicting a Baathist terrorist trying to convince a terrified dog to don a belt bomb. "It is such a simple task," he says. "All you have to do is to put on this explosives belt, repeat the party's slogans, and may Allah have mercy on your father's soul!"
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