Friday, February 24, 2006
  Why Morales Should Die
This what Terri Lynn Winchell's murderer did to her in 1981.
Morales suddenly cinched his belt around Winchell's neck and began strangling her. She fought back fiercely. The belt broke, so he pulled out the hammer and began bashing her head. She screamed ... and attempted to fight off the attack, ripping her own hair out of her scalp in the struggle. Morales ... smashed her 23 times in the head, crushing the base of her neck and bloodying her arms and hands as she tried to ward off the blows. ... Morales dragged the still-unconscious Winchell face-down across the road into a vineyard ... stripped her of everything but her sweater and bra, which he pulled up to her neck. Then he flipped her onto her back and raped her in the dirt. Just before he headed back to the road, he plunged his knife four times into her chest to make sure she was dead.
Now, tell me again why Michael Morales deserves to take even one more breath? He's stolen air from the rest of us for 25 years too many.
It's just too bad that the punishment can't fit the crime. But then there is that "vengence is the Lord's" thing standing in the way.

I'll settle for justice, his swift execution. But, there is that part of me that still...well...never mind.
I have a real problem with the Death Penalty. It ain't used nearly often e'nuff nor fast e'nuff!

The only thing "cruel and unusual" about this case is the way Terri Winchell's life was taken by a cold blooded murderer.

So he suffers a little in his last few seconds in life. So what? Was he concerned at all about the pain Terri was suffering?
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