Thursday, July 08, 2004
  Kerry Plays Games
Tuesday I posted a quote where Kerry claimed, "I'm the only candidate running for president who hasn't played games, fudged around."

I contend that Kerry HAS fudged around. In fact I think he can't help it. Kerry is called a flip-flopper or a waffler. I believe he's just being a politician. He says what he thinks will score him the most points at the time he says it. He claims to be a Catholic and violates a key tenet of that faith by his stance on abortion. This is what he did in his changing support of the war in Iraq and other issues. He knew it would be poor politics not to support Bush on Iraq, but once the radical left began to protest our involvement he finds it expedient to criticize the war effort.

Likewise with abortion. Kerry knows the vast majority of Americans, including women, are against abortion. So he says, "I believe life does begin at conception." and "I oppose abortion." But he knows the liberal feminists will crucify any candidate with such a view. So he says it's personal, and far be it from him to try and impose his beliefs on another. So if he's opposed to murder or theft, but I'm not, does that mean he'll do nothing to prevent me committing those crimes? Was it okay for the Nazis to murder millions of Jews, Christians and minority groups as a matter of national policy. Should the rest of the world have turned a blind eye to avoid "legislating our beliefs", in Kerry's words. Let me up!!!

Politicians like Kerry are the reason people don't trust politicians. They put there finger in the wind and set their sails to get the most mileage toward their goal. Their principles are only as firm and constant as the latest poll results. Anyone who claims to believe that abortion is the taking of a human life, i.e. murder, and yet believes others have the right to commit those murders as a matter of choice is something much worse than a hypocrite.

It should make anyone considering casting their vote for him rethink their position and examine what kind of person they want making decisions for the most powerful nation on earth. It should, but unfortunately it probably won't.
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