Wednesday, August 04, 2004
  Now a Word from The Good Guys
Okay, since I gave space to the liberal idiots it's time to hear from our side.

Ted Nugent: "We have less than four months until Election Day. Our primary objective is to turn out as many votes as humanly possible for George W. Bush. We also need to play a major role in assuring Republican control of both Houses of Congress. The old adage, "every vote counts," has never been more true than in this election season. We know that it will be close, so we must make the Bush/Cheney 2004 race a resounding VICTORY."

Stephen Baldwin: "I don't care if I ever shoot a movie again, because the day I accepted Jesus into my life I was blessed. Now, I don't want to tell you who you should vote for in November. But make sure it's for the one who has the most faith. Now, more than ever, we need someone in the White House who is being led by God."

Charlie Daniels: "I hate to see our nation torn apart by an election, but putting aside the nastiness, I think that the differences between the two candidates are clearer this time than at any time I can remember. One candidate is anti-abortion, one candidate is pro-abortion. One candidate thinks that much of the international affairs of America should be approved by the United Nations, the other candidate doesn’t. One candidate stands for higher taxes, the other candidate stands for lower taxes. One candidate comes off as a globalist, the other doesn’t. One candidate has socialist leanings, the other doesn’t. One candidate believes in big government, the other doesn’t. One candidate wears his religious beliefs on his sleeve, the other doesn’t. One candidate believes in American sovereignty the other one favors a global village. So America is faced with a real choice this time around. It all depends on what kind of world we want to live in and leave to our children."

Shannen Doherty: "I loved (Rumsfeld), I enjoyed meeting him a lot...I'm a Republican...I'm a big supporter of President Bush...our troops are over there, we gotta be supportive."

Rick Schroder: "(Bush is) a fantastic guy, let me tell you that. I told him I wanted to help him get re-elected."

Dennis Miller: "I've grown very fond of (Bush). I think he's handled himself amazingly with some of the most brutal cards that history's ever dealt anybody...I'm proud that he's my President...I'm a huge fan of the President's."
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