Sunday, August 14, 2005
  Justice For All?
DeRoyal Carter, January 1, 1975 - August 13-2004

Please click the above link and read the about the very suspicious death of DeRoyal Carter. Read the facts, form your own opinion, and then ask yourself if his death was investigated in a proper manner. Ask yourself if everything seems to be on the up and up in Tuskegee, AL. Ask yourself is it really likely a young man would take out his shoelaces and use them to hold his pants up so he could hang himself.

It saddens and sickens me that, in 2005, Southern lawmen can still get away with the kind of evil coverups, and sham investigative efforts that they did 50 - 60 years ago. Why isn't the FBI investigating this as a civil rights case? Why didn't it get attention during the anti-lynching business in the senate? Why isn't the mainstream media, who love to seek ratings and stir up trouble with racially charged stories, all over this one?

Yeah, you can tell I've already formed an opinion about this. My opinion is the "mainstream" media should have been, and still should be all over this. They couldn't wait to smear then-Governor Bush and the entire state of Texas over the Byrd case.

Thanks to Ben at Hungry Blues.

Thank you for your post and for your comments back at HungryBlues. I had grown quite cynical about people whom I disagree with politically. Oddly, the Cindy Sheehan controversy has brought me into contact with a number of poeople like yourself, conservatives

• who are open to debate, with an interest in facts and truth
• who relate to others with an assumed common sense of decency

And yes, you are absolutely correct to add the wish that the killers meet their judgment and receive their reward.


Thanks for the comments.

"Compassionate conservative" isn't just a campaign slogan.

When the facts and truth show that "my side" may be in the wrong on an issue then I am most definiteley "open to debate."

It just happens so rarely!

Thanks for continuing to visit, even if you disagree. I believe the Sheehan case is such common ground for people like us because the truth was deliberately mauled by Drudge, and others, to acheive a desired reaction, as you said.
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