Tuesday, January 31, 2006
  Welcome, Judge Alito
Judge Alito was sworn in as a member of the Supreme Court today in what the AP called "one of the most partisan victories in modern history". Not sure what they're comparing it to since a great many votes fall along party lines. Personally I think it's just stating the obvious.

I was somewhat intrigued by poll results that I read. According to the poll 58% were "pleased" by his appointment while 28% said they would "wait and see". Only 14% said they were "displeased". On the question of whether they expected Alito to "shift" the court to the right 82% said "Yes" and 18% said "No".

I was amused to read some of the reaction from those enlightened, tolerant, peaceloving liberals who were upset over the vote in Congress. (Typos in bold, all spelling errors and bad grammar as written. Expletive deleted.)

To Democrat Sen. Tim Johnson of SD: "Get the F out of the Democratic Party you stinking NAZI swine! It's clear that your nothing but a corrupt swine. I'm sure you are very happy being a part of the most corrupt government on the planet.. There for next go round you can count on us doing EVERYTHING in our power to make sure you spend the rest of your life taking bribes as a pluming inspector. Since you are in fact worse than your avg run of the mill republican NAZI we be voting for the NAZI party next election. At least a continued republican congress will quicken their destruction. You see the one unchangeable fact is,, republicans are so vial, so corrupt, such liars that they will eventually start feeding on their own filthy swine. An event the entire planet is praying for.Well, rot in hell and count on our votes going to ANYONE that has a chance of ending your 2-bit stay in the big city." - From Sioux Falls, SD

"If you're troubled, then earn your elected keep, and get your arse on up to the podium and DEBATE it for god's sake. This is a LIFETIME appointment, and your spine's turning to jelly NOW? I hope you so enjoy swimming in the coagulated, murky pond of apathy, Senator Johnson, because that may very well end up being your new career once the people paying your salary become the wiser to what a horrible deed you're about to commit.May you sleep well the day that Alito finally gives George his long-awaited crown." - From Spearfish, SD

To Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska "Alito's OK with you?? Get out of the Democrats you stinken NAZI pig! Oh,, you're going to vote no..I know we have a moronic majority,, but that leaves millions who at some point are going to start asking why you swine made it happen." - From Lincoln
(This guy sounds like "Sioux Falls"above. Imposter, or just reading from the same Leftie talking points?)

(This next one is really ridiculous!)
To Democratic stalwart and former KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd of WV: "Shame on you, you DIRTY BYRD! Having 5, yes a majority of CROSSBACKS on the Supreme Court is UNAMERICAN. I used to like you but no more. You no good G**D** BAPTIST TRAITOR. LONG LIVE WASP's. May you soon KICK the BUCKET you senile old PHART. May you burn in the eternal lake of fire. I will be the first to URINATE on your grave and then DEFECATE you sub-terranian vermin, pond scum, Limbaugh lover. You're nothing but a stinking REPUBLICRAT!"
(Byrd a Limbaugh lover? A Republicrat? These people are just nuts. I love it!)
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