Saturday, February 04, 2006
  Feminism's Anti-Mother Dies
Betty Friedan, author of 1963's "The Feminine Mystique" who once told Phylis Schlafley, "I would like to burn you at the stake," has died at the age of 85.

A touch of Friedan:
On the home - "a comfortable concentration camp..

On motherhood - "...endless, monotonous, unrewarding...peculiarly suited to the capacities of feebleminded girls."

On wives - "...a sense of emptiness, non-existence, nothingness ... I am convinced there is something about the housewife state that is dangerous."

Friedan was a fraud. Though she wrote The Feminine Mystique as if from experience research showed she was really a spoiled wife and "mother".
"In the years following her marriage, she worked full-time as a journalist ... and later worked out of her home as a freelance writer. Living in a lavish mansion, she was freed from housework by the services of a full-time maid. Her husband earned a large salary and supported Friedan and the children. The parents of her children’s playmates even ejected Friedan from their car pooling arrangement when they learned that Friedan sent their children to school in a taxi rather than driving them herself. The locked-up, middle-class homemaker that Friedan styled herself to be was an embroidered tale." (Daniel J. Flynn)

Friedan also went out of her way to hide her Communist/Socialist views & associations. Like Communists, "feminists" operate by subterfuge. Even the label "feminist" is a duplicitous misnomer for their radically anti-feminine, anti-social dogma.

Given these facts it seems that Friedan was just the "mother" the feminist movement deserves.
Strong minded women scare you, eh?
Not at all. The Baroness Thatcher, Dr. Rice, Senator Hutchison, Senator Dole, my wife - not frightened by any of them. Admiring, but not frightened.

Of course, Friedan could only have hoped to rise to their level.
Seeing as how she revolutionized the way women viewed themselves from the stereotypes of the 50' actually thinking of themselves as people, I would say she has a pretty solid place in history. I think it's safe to say that, without her, there would be no PM Thatcher, Dr. Rice, Senator Hutchison, or Senator Dole. I'm not sure about your wife, but my guess is that she believes she is not your domestic slave.

I could be wrong.
I'm not one to cheer another's death but I certainly won't miss her...

Especially since she contributed to the deaths of so many unborn children. What a legacy...
She should have stuck to Marxist causes and left the home and family alone.

Not only will I not miss her, we'd have all been better off without her influence.

At least Norma McCorvey finally saw the light and repented of her role in the slaughter.
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