Wednesday, February 08, 2006
  Remember, Islam Means Peace
Poor Mark. Apparently he felt I wasn't presenting a balanced picture of the protests in London over the Danish cartoon issue. The following are representative of the photos I was able to find from the event.

Pictures don't lie. How about those peaceful slogans? "Freedom Go To Hell" "Behead (and Kill and Exterminate) Those Who Insult Islam" and my favorite expression of tolerance and peacefulness, "Europe You Will Pay, Your 3/11 Is On Its Way!!!"

And here are the local law enforcement personnel hard at work making sure the protest doesn't get violent.

Oh, wait a second. That's just them infringing on the freedom of the press.

But perhaps this is just my "racist unchristian bigotry" coming out again, as Mark calls it. How can this be racist? Islam is a "religion," not a race. (And he says I need to get out more!)
Looks like you've pretty much nailed Mark's flimsy arguement into the dirt where it belongs.

But, knowing his penchant for telling out right lies, he will no doubt claim you created these pictures just to support your "unchristian racist" view point. (I wonder who he thinks he is to be judging your christianity, mabye he and his buddy Jay imagine themselves to be super spiritual people on the level of the Pope?)

Mark is your typical liberal moonbat. He's from England yet had the nerve to make the outrageous claim that I was wrong about England's extensive tax system, (i.e. tv tax, parking tax etc.)
Who said that a picture is not worth a thousand words? I do not hate Muslims, there are good people in all faiths and nationalities. Yet those same Muslims are so silent. I am sick of hearing that they fear reprisal. To a degree that is true, but when do Muslims say this is enough?

Having lived in the Middle East and studied Islam I can tell you that their Quran does talk of killing the 'people of Saturday and Sunday'. It also states to live 'peacefully' amongst the infadel in hopes to convert them, and if after having done so you cannot convert the infadel, 'kill them'. I believe this is the real reason why the 'good muslim people' -the non-endorsing terrorists-are so silent. In the end they must subscribe to the same hate.
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