Saturday, May 20, 2006
  All Played Out
Attention liberals, left-wingers and bleeding hearts. The Race card is played out. Time to stop playing it.

The latest example of playing the race card inappropriately is, as my friend Clay points out, Senate MINORITY Leader Harry Reid. "This amendment is racist," Harry said about legislation to officially make English our national language. "I think it's directed basically to people who speak Spanish."

No Harry, it's directed at, among other things, the nonsensical practice of trying to accomodate every immigrant (or illegal alien invader) who doesn't want to make the effort required to get along in this country. If it's racism to stop tranlsating every legal document or form into Spanish then it's racism if we don't tranlate them inot EVERY one of the hundreds of other languages immigrants (or illegal alien invaders) speak. If not, why not? Of course it isn't racism and the solution, of course, is to have ONE national language for this country. And the logical choice is English, for many reasons.

Those for whom English is a "second language" should be insulted that our media and government think they are too stuipid or inferior to learn English. They should be proud to be here and part of that pride should inspire them to learn the language it takes to succeed and excel in this country.

English is not a race. Neither is Spanish. That's like me being accused of racism because I post against Muslim terrorists. (Yeah, it's been done.) Islam is a "religion," not a race.

Racism is things like not hiring blacks, or latinos, or anyone else because of their ethnicity. Racism is not allowing blacks to vote. Racism is making blacks use separate restrooms and water fountains.

Words have meanings. And you don't get to change those meanings to suit your political agenda. This is a lesson our president needs to learn when he tries to call amnesty a "path to citizenship."

So Harry, put that race card back in your sleeve where you got it. It won't play on this hand.
What do you mean? Language and religion not "racial" issues? Don't you realize that if we demand clear definitions and take away the race card from the liberals that they will have nothing left to say or do?
Reid has also been known to rant about illegals stealing benefits from the country. Rush did a good job of ferreting out those clips. he is a political opportunist who will say anything.
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