Wednesday, May 03, 2006
  Who You Callin' A Chickenhawk?
From the brilliant mind of Frank at IMAO:

Q. What's a chicken hawk? Is it like some sort of half-hawk, half-chicken?
A. Actually, it's a hawk that eats chicken. And rats.
Q. So why do supporters of the war get called "chicken hawks" like its an insult?
A. Well, the short answer is some people are morons.
... Many liberals, in their diminished mental capacities, like to have a word or phrase to shout over and over in lieu of the mental preparedness needed for an actual debate of issues. Fighting tyranny is a complicated issue, and, rather than admit they’re on the side of tyranny, many liberals will try to avoid debate altogether in any way possible.
Q. Liberals seem to use the phrase "chicken hawk" against people who aren't in the military? Do liberals want a government where decisions are only made by those in the military?
A. No, they hate the military.
Q. But they say they support the troops!
A. And you can train a parrot to say the same thing. That doesn't mean anything.
Q. So what would happen if someone in the military tried to debate them on the issues?
A. First, the liberal would try to find some way of discounting the military service so that the person is still, in their bloodshot eyes, a "chicken hawk" by their understanding.
Q. It doesn't sound like there is any point in trying to debate anti-war liberals.
A. There really isn't. The best idea is to carry a water bottle with you, and, when a liberal starts shouting a repetitive phrase at you, spray him in the face. If timed properly, the liberal will associate annoying phrases with getting sprayed in the face with water and thus stop his bad behavior. This will take patience, as liberals are harder to train than dogs since they lack a natural sense of loyalty.
Q. Why would the media front be important?
A. Unfortunately, as hard as our military men and women fight, they can still lose by the American public turning against the conflict and convincing whiny politicians into pulling everyone out. That's because we've still yet to learn the main lesson of the Vietnam War.
Q. Which is?
A. Don't lose wars. Otherwise, people - especially the enemy - will declare any conflict "just like that other war America lost" and be certain America will pull out if enough pressure is put on the American people. This means much more fighting is needed to convince the enemy we are serious.
Q. Do the liberals want American troops to fail?
A. Pretty much. You can feel their barely restrained glee as the troop death toll goes to a number the find significant - usually a round number. They then use the death of our brave fighting men and women against the very things they fought and died for.
Q. They sound like ghouls.
A. Only if you go by the strict definition of what's a ghoul.
But don't question their patriotism.
Q. Why not?
A. I was being sarcastic. Go ahead and question it.

Go over and read the whole thing. It's genius. You'll love it!


It's hard enough believing that, are not in the Military, work at McDonalds and are a covert, secret spy (OPSEC is the name of your secret organization) as Jay maintains, but his assertion that you are a feathery bird that preys on rats and chickens is most definatly over the top! ; )
Hmm, quite the interesting read. *grin*
Hm. A couple of posts down, James goes off on how he's defending people's right to criticize. (For which I absolutely commend, thank, and appreciate him.)

Here, he reposts (why so many reposts?) someone else's bizarre statements that "liberals hate the military." (I think that's why I started writing this as a third-person reference, since James didn't write his own blog article again.)

I've been tagged as a Liberal, and I LOVE our military. I'm PROUD of them. I wish three TIMES the number of troops had been sent into Iraq, so that all of the initial, pre-Rumsfeld-influence planning that went into Cobra II could have come to fruition, and that the insurgency could have been prevented by having the right number of troops in Iraq in the first place.

If we had LISTENED to our military, we wouldn't be in the situation we're in now.

It's not black and white. Life is the grey area. And the grey area is that some of us Liberals (and if you DONT think I'm a Liberal, please tell me) are pro-Military, pro-Draft, pro-business, etc., etc.

All because I disagree with how the war was justified, planned, and conducted doesn't mean I hate the military.

Is it being a stereotypical Bleeding-Heart Liberal to wish we had focused our efforts on Tora Bora and Afghanistan?

I may be "in the wrong," according to James, but not in the cookie-cutter way he would have you believe.

Same goes for most other Liberals.

God Bless America. Rock on.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

If I didn't know any better, you appear to be making a great many verbal contortions to convince yourself that being a liberal is an ok thing. Where am I going wrong?
No, actually I didn't "go off on how I'm defending people's right to criticize." What I said was that a commentor should be thankful that people in the military (of whom I am one) defend their constitutional rights. One of those rights is free speech. (Even if you sound like an idiot, and even if you write in some tortured, overwrought poetry/prose full of ellipses.)

Why so many reposts? Because sometimes I have the time and inclination to write a post on my own (like the recent one on illegal border violators, among many others) and other times I merely repost things that I find interesting. Anybody who has a problem with reposts is free to stop reading my blog (and to kiss my butt.)

I don't wish three times the troops had been sent to Iraq. I wish we'd bombed the hell out of the country so they'd be too freaking afraid of us (or dead) to stage an insurgency. Actually, I wish we'd rolled all the way to Baghdad in '91, but oh well!

And I don't believe for a second you wish we'd sent three times the troops in either. I doubt you think we should be there at all. And if you are pro-draft then I have no problem thinking you're a liberal. They're the only ones I know who are for it. And since a draft would be the worst thing to happen to the military in a long time it's not much of a stretch to think liberals hate the military.

So, your position is that every liberal is wrong in a finely nuanced way?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
How? I would think I've made a great deal about myself and the positions I hold over the last two years of blogging.
Actually, my position is that I completely misunderstood the kind of person that you are (not to be confused with the positions that you hold).

Best of luck, James. And in all seriousness: thanks for your military service.

God bless you, and America.
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