Thursday, March 15, 2007
  How Dare He!!!
"I'm so mad I could spit!" Among the many fine qualities and attributes that I acquired at the feet of my father and mother were certain colloquialisms and vernacular. So, I quote my dear father, "I'm so mad I could spit!"

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Pete Pace has incurred the ire and wrath of the radical, rabid, homophiles of the liberal Left by voicing his opinion (and echoing the opinions and teachings of 4,000 years of religious thought and belief) that homosexuality is "immoral behavior." As expected, this comment sent the Left into whining, frothing, snarling hysterics. Among the milder epithets used to describe General Pace are "bigot," "neanderthal," "jackass," and "moron." All this from the self-appointed, self-righteous defenders of "tolerance." (See the article and comments in the title link.)But the real issue here is not whether homosexuality (or any other behavior) is immoral or not. The issue is whether General Pace has the right to a particular opinion and whether or not he has the freedom to express that opinion publicly, or whether he should be denigrated and punished for voicing that opinion. General Pace exercised his right of free speech as he is entitled to do. He expressed a personal belief as he is entitled to. A belief he is certainly entitled to have. Or do the homophiles think only their beliefs and opinions can be freely held and expressed. (Never mind, that's a rhetorical question.) And the irony is he was expressing support for a policy that came through the actions of the posterboy of liberalism and immorality, President Clinton.

General Pace said that he supports “DA/DT” which is the established law of the land (courtesy of President Clinton & a Democrat-controlled legislature) and current military policy. He gave his reasons why he supports it. He apparently has had no problem abiding by and enforcing that policy, even though he believes homosexuality is immoral. Were public law to be changed and homosexuals allowed to serve openly there is no reason to doubt that he would continue to support and apply military policy based on those changes. I believe that, if he could not in good conscience do so, that he would step down.General Pace should not have to apologize for having and stating a personal opinion. He should not be expected to resign or be relieved. He should not be castigated by those who disagree with his opinion. Had General Pace said that, in his opinion homosexuality is not immoral and that “DA/DT” is a discriminatory policy and homosexuals should be allowed to serve openly no one on the “Left” or the “gay rights” side of the issue would be howling for his ouster. He’d be applauded and held up as a champion of diversity, tolerance and progress. And those supporting him wouldn’t care one whit how contrary to public law and military policy his opinion was.
(By the way, my personal opinion is that gays SHOULD be allowed and encouraged to serve, along with anyone else who is physically able and mentally competent. I’ve been willing to put my life on the line for nearly 19 years so sign ‘em up. I've served with airmen who are homosexual and their devotion to duty and job performance is equal to most and better than some.)

Well as any person with half a brain knows, the liberal claim of "tolerance" is at best a sick joke.

I'm with you on Gen Pace's right under the 1rst Amendment to be able to freely express his opinion regarding the morality of homosexuality. I'm not so sure it was the best thing for him to have done, given that as an officer of the Armed Forces he should have refrained from expressing his personal opinion since he represent the military, which by the way, doesn't necessarily hold to his views.

I disagree with your call for homosexuals to join openly and freely. Open homosexuality in the military would be disastrous, to say the least.

All that said, the left's castigation of him and bitter name calling only serves to show just how far they actually are from actual tolerance.

Liberals only possess tolerance for those who agree with their agenda and espouse their viewpoints.

Once again, the public has the opportunity to see just how false the left's agenda of tolerance really is.

How much more will it take until the voting public recognizes a snake when they see one and finally sends the liberals and their poisonous agenda packing?
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