Monday, April 30, 2007
  So, Are You For Tyrants?
Today's forecast called for beautiful weather so I wasn't too surprised to see a handful of "peace" protestors standing outside the Pentagon when I got off the Metro.

Here's a few of the things I'd like to walk over and say to them if I had as much right of free speech as they do.

Seriously, these people and their lack of critical thinking skills aggravate me, but at least they are making use of the freedoms that I work every day to provide for them. So I appreciate their efforts to let me know that my service isn't in vain. After I retire I'd love to come by and chat with these people and try and get inside their heads … or at least under their skins.

DISCLAIMER: The photo above is a generic protest photo and not of my particular protest buddies. Hard to snap a pic 20 feet from the front of the Pentagon.
Walk over some time...and meet some veterans that are among the protesters.
No thanks, Jay. I was surrounded by plenty of my fellow veterans back in March. Maybe you heard about that protest on March 17th that was to mark the 40th aniversary of the "peace" protests at the Pentagon? Our counter-protest numbered as many or more than the "peace" protestors. Of course it was a little chilly that day so it's only natural that the patriots outnumbered the Leftists.

By the way, where've you been? Did you check out some of my pictures? There's a nice one of me with General Pace. When I get home I'll try to remember to post the one from our trip to Australia and Indonesia.
I have some photos from my local VA hospital. Would you like to see those, or would it make you too ashamed? generals.
"I have some photos from my local VA hospital."

James has visited a VA hospital too. I don't know that he has any photos, but I can attest to the fact that he went. I went with him.

What is your point? Is it that serving in the military for nearly 20 years is not enough. It only counts if he visits a VA hospital?

What have you done apart from visit a VA hospital?

Three things...

1) I really appreciate the occasional comments you've left on my blog. You've pretty much been the epitome of class, in terms of showing me how to talk to folks that you don't agree with all of the time. Even if I'm still on your "in the wrong" list. :-)

2) "Do you find it ironic or hypocritical that you are protesting the very people and establishment that protects your right to protest?"

It's definitely ironic, but totally proper. Regardless of what the protest is about and who is right or wrong, for me it's like defending American citizens who burn the flag. I think they are complete idiots, but one of the great things about this country is that idiotic speech is protected.

And yes, you help secure those rights.

3) Congratulations on 19 years of service. On behalf of my family: Thank you.
Rich, thanks for the comment and thanks for always disagreeing respectfully. I have truly been enjoying reading your blog.

As for you still being on the "in the wrong" list, the truth is I haven't done much on this blog other than the infrequent post. So it's pretty much exactly the way it was a year or more ago.
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