Friday, April 04, 2008
  Happy Anniversary To Me
4 April 1988 - 4 April 2008

Twenty years ago today my wife dropped me off at the Military Entrance Processing Station in Dallas, Texas. We wouldn't see each other again for nearly 6 weeks. Basic training seemed to drag on forever. Tech school at Keesler AFB, MS seemed to drag on forever. 1995, the year I spent in Korea, seemed to drag on forever. And yet, looking back, the past twenty years have seemed to fly by.

I have visited or lived in about 20 countries, and walked on every continent except Antarctica. I have shaken hands with Presidents, Generals, Ambassadors and Medal of Honor winners. I have helped render final honors to veterans and offered my respects and condolences to their families. I've helped those whose lives were torn apart by natural disasters. I helped with the recovery efforts for the Challenger space shuttle. I was on hand to make sure President Bush received the very latest and best intelligence information on September 11th, 2001. I've slept in a palace that was Uday and Qusay Hussein's hunting lodge. I've experienced a tactical take-off in a C-130 from Kandahar, Afghanistan with G's so heavy I couldn't raise my arm. I've flown in Blackhawks over Korea, El Salvador & Germany, Afghanistan and Iraq and I've ridden in a convoy from Ramadi to Al Taqaddum at dusk. (Let me tell, when your predeparture briefing includes the HMMWV gunner pointing out where the ammo and his spare 50-cal barrel are, "in case I call for it," you develop a new perspective on military service.)

In less than two months I will start terminal leave and in less than three months I will officially be a retiree. (By the way, if you know anyone who's looking for a VERY experienced information systems security/system administration professional with a security clearance, let me know.)

I haven't quite decided how I feel about not being in the active duty military. I'm not going to think about it today.
Well, congratulations Sir! Wow, you've got quite a history, one I would definitely be proud of.

Thank you for serving for our country.
Pretty amazing, my friend. Congratulations, happy anniversary, thanks, and rock on.
Congratulations, James!

You'll soon have a lot more time to blog! Good for you and those of us who love hearing what you have to say.
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