Friday, September 12, 2008
  Ugly Step-Sisters

My wife came up with pretty good analogy tonight to illustrate the rabid mauling of Governor Palin by the Left-wing feminists.

Remember Cinderella? How her ugly step-sisters told her that if she just did all her chores she could go to the ball? She did everything they demanded, and more. She created a beautiful gown for herself, from their castoffs. And when they saw that, not only had she met their challenge with grace & grit, but she outshone them in every way, they attacked her. They ripped her dress to shreds and locked her away, banished from the ball. They were jealous of her beauty, her poise and her accomplishments. Because they knew, once Pince Charming saw Cinderella, they wouldn't get a second glance.

So it is with the Left-wing feminists. They said that women could have it all. But they forgot to mention that in order for achievement to be accepted, a woman must follow their rules. And Sarah didn't. She did it all on her own. She became mayor and governor, while raising children and being devoted to her husband and her God. She is a successful, beautiful, confident woman who loves, respects and cares for her husband and her children - even the baby they think she should have murderded.

The problem is, the Left-wing feminists, and the Left in general, look just as ugly as those step-sisters. And most people are finally understanding just how petty, insecure and hypocritical they really are. And, with any luck at all, their blind, raging hatred of Governor Palin, a self-made, feminine, anti-feminist will likely cost Barack Obama & Joe Biden the election.
Hi, James!

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