Friday, September 12, 2008
  A Successful Woman Threatens the Feminists
Feminist Army Aims Its Canons at Palin

The Leftist assault on Sarah Palin continues and intensifies. The most feminine, successful and charismatic woman in politics is just not feminist enough for the Left, and nothing is off-limits, not even a 4 month old baby.

"It works like this: If you don’t agree with feminist scolds, you’re not a real woman, even if you’re a very feminine working mom. But even if you’re an actual man — never mind a childless feminist who looks like a Bulgarian weightlifter in drag — you’re a “real woman” solely because you nod your head like a windup clapping monkey every time you read the latest editorial in Ms. Recall how they christened Bill Clinton the “first female president,” too."
So you really think Sarah Palin is "the most feminine, successful and charismatic woman in politics?" Remember, there are a lot of women in politics. Until just a couple of weeks ago, most people had never even heard of Sarah Palin.

Reminds of an interview I saw of John McCain during which he claimed that Sarah Palin is "the most popular governor in America." Where did that come from?
Hi Len,
Notice there were 3 qualifiers there in my statement. Can you find any woman in politics that fits ALL 3 as well as Sarah Palin does?

McCain's commment might come from the fact that she has an 80-plus percent approval rating as governor, and, according to Hays Research Group, it has been as high as the 90's.

I know, I know, it's so hard for so many on the left to accept that a woman can be successful and popular in politics without toeing the party line of abortion-on-demand, big-government, higher-taxes, more programs, ad nauseum, but it's true.
Oh, I have no problem believing that a woman can be successful and popular in politics. I just question that Sarah Palin is THE MOST successful and popular woman in politics. Who, besides the people of Alaska (about 700,000, I believe... fewer than the town in which I live) had even heard of her until a couple of weeks ago?
Are you serious? Do you read at all? True, she wasn't considered a front-runner for the VP slot - until McCain named her. But she has been very much in the news for months.

Search on some of the conservative magazine sites, like Weekly Standard, or some of the blogs. Granted, she hasn't spent the last 19 months running for President. (Or the last 30 years, like Biden.) But many astute people have taken notice of her for some time.
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