Thursday, August 05, 2004
  More from the Good Guys
Dennis Franz (on Iraq): "I think we're doing the right thing. They are defending our country. Thank God that we have people in this world that are willing to do it." (By the way, Franz is a veteran of Vietnam, with 8 more months in country than Kerry, so he's one of the few celebrities qualified to speak on this issue.)

Rob Lowe: " "Listen, my feeling is this, I love this country ... whatever side of the issue you're on, ... I think you gotta support those amazing men and women who are over there about to execute whatever we do, and I think the best way you can do that is to get behind the most visible embodiment of them, and that's the Commander-in-Chief."

Vince Vaughn (on England): "I'd say one in three conversations wound up the same way, basically that 'America is the devil.' So I'd ask folks to think about the Marshall Plan a bit and get back to me."

Dennis Miller: "The Nazi signs have got to stop. If you're in a peace march and the guy next to you has a sign saying that 'Bush is Hitler,' forget the peace thing for a second and beat his a--, because he is not Hitler."

Fred Thompson: "With all the criticism of our President's policy on Iraq lately, Americans might ask what should we do with the inevitable prospect of nuclear weapons in the hands of a murderous and aggressive enemy? Can we afford to appease Saddam, kick the can down the road? Thank goodness we have a President with the courage to protect our country. And when people ask what has Saddam done to us, I ask what had the 9-11 hijackers done to us before 9-11?"

Bruce Willis: "I could make another 10 or 20 movies about guys in the armed forces. When they go away, they don't know if they're coming back. They should be paid a hundred grand each, every one of them."
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