Monday, July 11, 2005
  What A Surprise
According to a study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) more than 2/3 of press coverage of President Bush during his second term's first 100 days was negative. Among the negative "reporting" cited, "Without comment about how he felt taking the nation to war on such flawed assumptions..." - CBS correspondent John Roberts. So much for objective journalism.

A similar study of news stories last October showed Bush was "battered" by the press. A Project for Excellence in Journalism analysis revealed President Bush "suffered strikingly more negative press coverage than ... Kerry. Overall, 59 percent of Bush-dominated stories were clearly negative in nature," compared to "just 25 percent of Kerry stories were decidedly negative." And let's remember that Bush STILL kicked Kerry's butt!

Don't expect things to get any better as the war against the terrorists continues and Bush nominates a couple of justices for the Supreme Court. It will get a lot worse. Fortunately the CMPA report reveals, "the public isn't going to let the news media get away with anything either. The public is more critical and asks more questions about news coverage these days -- and what offends them most is negativism."
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