Saturday, August 20, 2005
  * * * SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!! * * *
Do you support our men and women in uniform? Do you believe that pulling them out of Iraq now would embolden the terrorists and dishonor the sacrifices of our dead and wounded? Do you disagree with Cindy Sheehan and want to stop the so-called "peace" movement in its left-wing tracks?

Go to MoveAmericaForward

They are sponsoring the "You Don't Speak For Me, Cindy" tour which is on it's way to Crawford, Texas the week of 21 August. They will show that there is a great deal of support for this war and our President among the families of our soldiers who have been killed. Losing a child in war does not turn one from a pro-America conservative into a socialist, appeasing liberal.

Please go to the MoveAmericaForward web site and educate yourself and provide whatever support you can.

And remember, it's okay to "preach to the choir." That's how you get them to sing.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You and I agree where Cindy Sheehan is concerned, and also that the war we're currently fighting is justified. Hopefully many other things as well. I'll stop by regularly to see.
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