Wednesday, August 17, 2005
  Their True Colors
Have you heard about Rowena Jhant? Probably not, and I doubt you will.

Rowena is a mother from Waco, Texas and a Bush-backer. Seems she was driving by the so-called "Camp Casey" where anti-Semitic, anti-Bush leftie Cindy Sheehan has picked a spot for her 15 minutes of fame, and saw the crosses and US flags that had been run over earlier by an anti-anti-war protestor.

Being a good American she didn't think it was right to leave them on the ground. So she stopped to pick up the flags and crosses.

Guess who protested and accosted her? Guess who tried to stop her from honoring our precious flag and those sacred crosses?

You guessed it! All those wonderful "peace" protestors. (Rowena is in the blue blouse.)

God bless you Rowena, you're a great American!

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