Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  Cindy Fools McCain
Apparently "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan was a bit less than honest in her attempts to meet with Congressional leaders during her anti-American spectacle. She secured a meeting with John McCain of Arizona by leading him to believe that some of his constituents would be in attendance.
(AP) - "McCain, R-Ariz., also seemed disappointed in the meeting, which he said had been misrepresented as including some of his constituents. Only one person in her small delegation has ties to the state, and that person no longer lives there. The two exchanged views about the war, and McCain described the conversation as "a rehash" of opinions already well known. He said he might not have met with Sheehan had he known none of his constituents was in the group."
"He's a warmonger." Sheehan said of McCain. "Saint" Cindy also claimed that in a previous meeting McCain told her that her son's death was "like his buddies in Vietnam" and that he was afraid that their deaths were "for nothing." McCain has denied making any such statements.
OpinionJournal: "Sen. John McCain met with fascist fishwife Cindy Sheehan yesterday, and neither one walked away happy. McCain said the meeting "had been misrepresented as including some of his constituents" when in fact "only one person in [Sheehan's] small delegation has ties to the state, and that person no longer lives there."
As for Sheehan, she said of McCain, "He is a warmonger, and I'm not." A warmonger McCain may be, but we'll take a warmonger over a hatemonger any day of the week. And come to think of it, Sheehan has described al Qaeda terrorists as "freedom fighters," so she's a warmonger too--only for the other side."
A spokeswoman for Sheehan said, "She's exhausted..."

So are we, Cindy. Go home and give us a rest.
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I have spent nearly half my life "lifting a finger" as you put it. I have served, and still serve, in the US military for the past 17-plus years.

So your comments like, "You only talk talk talk..." and " I bet you that you will not sacrify a finger to go to Iraq..." are not worth the time it takes to read them.

I will not be lectured by anyone who doesn't serve, on my comments or my positions regarding this war, or any other subject.

When you are ready to devote your life to a cause as great as defending the United States, and advancing liberty, perhaps I'll consider giving your statements any weight.
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Joe, (or John, Jose, anonymous - whichever one you're pretending to be just now)

Thanks for the offer, but I don't need "some education from a true American soldier." You see my father went to Korea in 1950 as an 18-year-old private. Within one month, three of his best friends were dead. Within four months he was a Sergeant and squad leader. Within 6 months he and the rest of his friends were wounded or dead. He was wounded 5 times, has had his knee replaced twice and still carries shrapnel in his neck. Despite having permanent partial disability since 1951, he came home and made 3 careers, as a teacher, with the Postal Service and as a farmer/rancher.

My worldview, my politics, my values and my education came from watching and listening to him. I learned all about "fighting for your country" from a true American soldier and hero.
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