Sunday, September 04, 2005
  "This Is Captain America Calling..."
In a recent post I asked "Where's Our Foreign Aid?" Black Five provides the answer. Here a few of the highlights, beginning of course, with our truest friends, the UK:

Britain - 500,000 military (meals) rations

Australia - eight million dollars

Canada - thousands of camp-beds, blankets and medical supplies(A Canadian Coast Guard ship is bringing 1,000 troops.)

Afghanistan (that's right, Afghanistan) - 100,000 dollars

India - five million dollars, essential medicines and water purification systems

Indonesia (one of the countries hit by the Tsunami) - 40 medical doctors

Sri Lanka (one of the countries hit by the Tsunami) - 25,000 dollars
There may be close to 10,000 dead from the hurricane.

I wonder what the death toll was for the tsunami?

By the way, congrats on the promotion to Captain.

Looks like the old geezer doesn't get your "Captain America Calling" title.

It seems like a hippie want to be like him would remember the song by the Kinks.

No, he thinks you've been somehow promoted from a sergeant to a captain. Just how does a promotion like that happen?
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