Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  Obsessive Canonizing - 30 Aug 05
Sgt Missick:
"After a truly long day, I was sitting with a friend of mine, Spc. Trevino, in the bunkers right behind our tent. ... Apparently, his girlfriend back home has been getting an increasing number of young men who are trying to get her to agree to a date. She stubbornly refuses every time, much to the happiness of Trevino, but that doesn’t seem to stop these guys. Finally, he joined an online community she belongs to, kind of like a blog, and made a very poignant statement. On the comments section of the page, he posted a picture of him returning one day from work: filthy, sweaty, and with his M249 machine gun in his hand. Under the picture he posted the caption, “What have you done for your girlfriend today?” I don’t think anything could have been more fitting.

I was reminded yet again of the people that are never far from my mind, the people back home that are the real reason why I proudly endure whatever it is the Army forces us to face. Although most of my readers agree that this war was crucial for the changing world that lies before us, it is hard for soldiers to think in any other terms than it being a necessity to preserve and sustain the security and safety of all of you back home. Clearly I am not saying that as soldiers and American’s we should not think critically about this war. I do however wish to make the following point: If we are indeed sacrificing the small and large moments alike with our families, and putting ourselves in harms way, then we must believe in the cause, and at least find the benefits that it reaps for Iraqi’s and American’s alike. To ignore this and oppose our efforts here is to begin to sense a futility in our efforts and our personal trials. With so many positive developments, I know that the latter is not the case, and that wearing this uniform, in this place in time, will carry a significant and positive effect that will echo the call of freedom throughout history."
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