Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  Where's Our Foreign Aid?
"Now I'm calling all citizens from all over the world
This is Captain America calling.
I bailed you out when you were down on your knees
So will you catch me now I'm falling?"

So sang The Kinks in 1978. One of my favorites by the Davies brothers of Britain is especially relevant this morning.

In light of the devastation on the US Gulf Coast and considering that we are ALWAYS on the scene providing aid and money when disaster strikes anywhere in the world, I want to know, "Where are you world?"

"I stood by you through all of your depressions
And I lifted you when you were down.
Now it's your chance to do the same for me,
I call your office and your secretary tells me
That you've gone out of town."
You're kidding right? You actually think the World is going to come to the aid of the US? Have you been hanging out with the Liberals again? Your grip on reality is slipping.

I was at best an indiferent student during history class but I can't remember a single time another country has come to the aid of the US in time of need. Oh sure, some of them have paid lip service to it but when it came time to actually pony up the money or supplies, a tangible hush could be heard in the wilderness. Not even the crickets are chirping.

God help the US if we ignore someone else's plea for help. We are expected to come rushing to the aid of others. How about some of those countries show a little gratitude by returning the favor?

I'm glad to see your sense of irony is intact. Of course I don't expect anyone to come to our aid. Why start now? We have plenty of resources to take of ourselves. Pampered, decadent Americans.

And besides, we are the great Satan and deserve whatever punishment Allah sees fit to rain down on us.
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