Thursday, October 06, 2005
  The Intolerance of the Left
As if you needed more evidence of the rabid intolerance exhibited by the "tolerant, enlightened," anti-patriot Left, there's this from KOMO-TV in Seattle:

Ken Potts calls himself a patriot. That's what his front yard tells you too.
One flagpole flies the American flag. A second flagpole carries the banner of the Army's 101st Airborne. Even his mailbox on North 185th Street in Shoreline sports the image of the Airborne's screaming eagle.
"But he says that in the last year the mailbox has been blown up twice with fireworks. The house has been egged. Paint has been thrown on the house too. The flags have been torn down and ripped up more than once.
"And the 101st Airborne flag has had the word "murder" and a swastika written on it with a permanent marker. "It's really difficult for me to see something like this and not feel sad." Especially, he says, since the 101st led the charge in World War II to defeat Nazi Germany.
"In two-foot tall letters on the side of his house facing Meridian someone painted "Bush Nazis."
"This former soldier with three tours of Vietnam says he feels like his own freedom of speech is under attack. "When you have someone or a group of people who want to take that away from you, who probably didn't do a thing to defend them in the first place, it's really sad."
But to fight back he always puts new flags back on those front yard flagpoles.
"And he says he'll leave the spray painted "Bush Nazis" on the side of his house for a while to show people on this busy corner what tolerance "doesn't" look like.

And I thought some of the comments made by the ankle-biting trolls on this blog were bad!
What better example of the left's "tolerance" could we have.

These goons of the "intellectual left" would clearly do everything in their power to lay out the red carpet for any dictator who wants our enslavement, be it an Adolph Hitler, or an Osama bin Laden.

Intellectual? More like cowardly.

And they accuse the right of being foolish and dim-witted.

If it wasn't for brave persons from the right, we would all be under the iron thumb of dictatorship.

Then, what would the whining, complaining left do?

Oh, I know. Just what they're told.
The left get more and more discredited and marginalized each time they do things like this.

They are to stupid to realize this of course.

Good for us.

I Blogrolled you today.
Good Blog.

Don't forget the criminal damage charges these perpetrators can face. "Freedom of Speech" does not give you the right to destroy/damage other's property just because you don't agree with them. A good camera attached to a motion sensor will get him good evidence for a crimial trial for these vandals.

I'm glad this gentleman has the intestinal fortitude to not back down from these idiots. If more of us stood up to these blithering buffoons, eventually this country can get back to the greatness it once enjoyed.
I am disturbed that the moonbat Liberals become more like the brownshirt nazis everyday. And just like the moderate American Moslems, there is little or no crtizism of the thugs that represent them. If you don't castigate and condemn them then you support them. Political discourse is deteriorating rapidly thanks to the American Left whose ideas are bankrupt.
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