Thursday, October 06, 2005
  Proud Parents
Andi at "Andi's World" (Hell On Heels) passes on some news of patriotic parents of our military.

"Two weeks ago outside of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful woman, Becky Davis. Becky and her husband Ray are the proud parents of three sons, all of whom serve in the military.
Ray Davis: "There are people who want to kill my sons yet my sons are willing to step up and defend our way of life. I am extremely proud of the men they have become. I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. ... the antiwar folks keep referring to the kids in the military. I haven't met a kid yet. They are all men and women. Some of the finest I have ever met. They have met the people of Afghanistan and Iraq and they know they are doing a great thing for them. They understand the life these people lived and the hope they are giving them. ... For the troops their greatest pride comes from the schools they rebuild, the hospitals they have restored, helping Iraqis establish businesses for themselves. Their greatest pride is not in defeating Saddam Hussein but in helping to build a free Iraq."

Mr. Davis makes the same point I've tried to make to the woodenheads. These are not kids. They are adults and they are the best our country has. Certainly better than Hollywood stars or politicians. Better than those who criticize them while never having served themselves.
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