Monday, October 03, 2005
  We Were Right!
Need evidence that overthrowing Saddam Hussein was the right thing for America to do? Here's a list of the crimes his own people are preparing to try him on.
- The 1987-88 Anfal campaign, a depopulation plan in which hundreds of thousands of Kurds were killed or expelled from northern Iraq.
- Mortar bombardment of the city of Kirkuk.
- Saddam's suppression of a Shiite uprising following the first Gulf War, which resulted in thousands buried in mass graves.
- Forced emigration of thousands of Fayli (Shiite) Kurds, who were pushed from northern Iraq into Iran.
- The killing of an estimated 5,000 people in a 1988 chemical weapons attack on Halabja, a Kurdish town.
- The execution of 8,000 members of the Barzani tribe, a powerful Kurdish community.
- The 1990 invasion of Kuwait, which Iraqi forces occupied for seven months.
- Execution of prominent political and religious figures.
- Crimes against religious and secular political parties.
- The drying of the southern marshes, following the 1991 Shiite uprising, in which Saddam ordered the building of dams, canals and dikes to drain the Mesopotamian marshlands between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
This is pretty similar to a list I presented over at Wizbang! in response to some nimrod named "Conor"
[Saddam Hussein was] a tyrant who:
- had tortured, poisoned and murdered thousands of his own citizens
- committed genocide against ethnic groups (Kurds, Ma'dan, Shia) in his country
- invaded and warred against his neighbors
- developed and stockpiled numerous types of WMDs
- used WMDs against those neighbors and ethnic groups
- ruined vast areas of his country (the systematic attacks against the habitat of the Ma'dan or "Marsh Arabs" in Mesopotamia)
- built a nuclear reactor
- sought to attain an offensive nuclear capability
- violated numerous UN sanctions for 12 years
- committed acts of war and agression against the nations enforcing said sanctions
- repeatedly refused to allow inspections of his country to verify his compliance with said sanctions
- paid rewards to the families of "Palestinian" terrorists who murder innocent civilians
- provided safe haven to terrorists like Abu Nibal, while he trained the 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta in Baghdad
- maintaining diplomatic contacts with Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 hijackers
- used his own military instructors to train Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq
- impermissible discrimination in regard to fair and necessary distribution of food and health care to the people of Iraq.

More than enough reason to go to war against Saddam's regime and liberate the people of Iraq.

Excellent representation of the facts behind the necessity of Saddam Hussein's overthrow, but I'm afraid that you are wasting your time.

You see, as we have seen throughout this who War on Terror, the left doesn't really stand for human rights as it previously has proclaimed that it does.

[Under the arrogant connotation that they are the only ones who believe in human rights in the first place.]

They only stand for human rights when it is convenient. Namely, when it can be used to criticize the actions of the political right's actions.

You see, the liberals are perfectly ok with Saddam Hussein. In fact, according to them, he was a "dictator interupted".

It's all about "Bush is Hitler" for the left, never mind the "Saddam Hussein actually acting like Hitler man behind the curtain".
"Anonymous," I've let you get away with posting some pretty lengthy comments full of unadulterated dung. But, if you keep this up I'd recommend getting your own blog.

I have neither the time nor inclination to continue to rebut and refute your epic-length, South American socialist, hate-America screeds. It's obvious you have only a passing acquaintance with the facts and no desire to change that.

Don't expect me to continue to provide you with a forum to bash my country with lies and left-wing propaganda.

Your pathetic, dishonest, ankle- biter, (Anonymous, aka: Joe, John, Jose... more pseudonyms to he continues to duck and hide from reasoned discourse.), is really rather amusing. Consider the following:

He said:

"The vast majority of the Right Wing Christian Americans are terrible ignorant people (as yourself- I do not why you are called yourself Christian because our Lord Jesus did not teach hate)"

First off, where did he ever get the idea that either you or me were Christians, much less "right wing Christians" in the first place? There is nothing in your comments or mine that would lead to such a conclusion. One can certainly have respect for one's country and it's Constitution and be an atheist.

Secondly, is he really that silly? If anyone in this exchange has exhibited hate it would have to be him. Remember, he called us "Nazis dressed as Americans".
Even if I thought he was a Christian, which of course, I don't, I would recommend that he get on his knees, ask his God for forgiveness and read his Bible, and follow it.

Here's the funniest thing he says:

"you had demonstrated it with your comments without thinking that I am testing your intellect. You are answering incoherent statements from stupid comments that I wrote to see how stupid you react to them."

That's really hilariouious. So, apparently, one of Anonymous' tactics is, when you get your ass kicked in an intellectual debate, pretend that you were "testing your intellectually inferior opponent" with "stupid arguments" to see how your opponent would react.

First off, the reason that he knows his previous arguments were stupid is because we have demonstrated to him that they are.

Second, we have reacted the way any one with half a brain would, by squashing his pathetic, stupid arguments.

Then he goes on with a rather lengthy, **yawn**, boring diatribe that is suppose to prove somehow that:

"There many studies indicate that most Americans are arrogant, ignorant and they are not aware what’s going on within their own society or around the World. The cultural level of the population of the United States is far lower than some countries of the 3rd world."

Aside from making claims of mythical studies that prove that America is such a terrible country,
this clown decides that his best tactic is to leave comments, hiding behind different, monikers.

I like his Jose character who supports Saint Cindy disguise. It's funny.

He's obviously a loser and a hypocrite who doesn't live by what he claims to believe in. [Of course, to be fair, what leftist ever does?]

After all, if he really had a position that he was capable of defending, he would do so without his childish, and dishonest tactics. He doesn't. And that's why he is hiding behind different personas.

More importantly, if he really did believe that America was so bad, he wouldn't be here earning more U.S. dollars than he deserves.

If people from his country, Argentina, are like him, then no wonder they are under a dictator's thumb. Those who would bite the hand that is extended to feed them deserve at worst, a muzzle and a good beating and at best to be left to starve.

[Of course, I doubt that the typical Argentinian necessarily shares his leftist/communist, cowardly opinons and behavior].
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