Wednesday, February 08, 2006
  The Great Democracy?
Last week a mob of Islamist protestors marched on London. Declaring that those who don't agree with their perverted philosophy should be "annihilated…beheaded...massacred" they called for "a real holocaust". (I guess the last Holocaust didn't satisfy their bloodlust.)
At least the local police took action, arresting two for "breaching the peace." Unfortunately the two citizens arrested were not Islamist protestors. No, they were counter-demonstrators defying the Islamists. It was feared the might upset the marchers.

Yeah, I'm happy to see England is such a great democracy where free speech is protected, at least for some.

As in the case of the citizens who rallied in Parliament Square against the hunting ban. The police dispersed them with baton charges. In the same spot anti-capitalist protestors assembled, tore up the lawns and defaced the statue of Winston Churchill. What did the police do? They watched. Oh, they also stopped traffic so the anarchists could continue their protest unhindered.

Or how about the case of George Stauton, a 78-year-old Liverpool pensioner who arrested and charged with "racially aggravated criminal damage." His arrest came after a ""dramatic and painstaking dawn to dusk" stakeout of the area. His crime? He was caught putting up posters for the UK Independence Party and painting slogans like "Don't forget the 1945 War" and "Free Speech for England" on walls. Yeah, I can't figure out what's "racially aggravated" about that either.

A Leftie English blogger (see my Mark in my "In The Wrong" list to the right) has been trying to convince me how horrible America under Bush is and what a glorious democracy Britain is. I don't see it. At least here we kick both the conservatives (Beverly Young) and the moonbats (Cindy Sheehan) out of the Capitol building in the spirit of equality.
I see you agree with grafetti and vadalism, or is the fact that someone is over a certain age make it OK. He's a criminal, just like any other fly-poster and justice prevailed.

Secondly, do some research before you post so you don't look quite so stupid. There were over 50 arrests, and quite a few of them are still in prison. The "mob" did not march on London - they were already there, and there was a massive outcry by sensible muslims to protest peacefully. Unlike you, I do not paint all Muslims as terrorists. Your racist unchristian bigotry is showing.

Jay's description of you is pretty accurate - truthfulness is not your strong suite, is it?
Mark: I see you agree with grafetti(sic) and vadalism(sic) ... He's a criminal, just like any other fly-poster and justice prevailed.

Oh, he definitely should have been charged with some offense. Why was it "racially aggravated criminal damage"? What was racial about his actions? Does British law not cover vandalism or graffiti?

I didn't say there were no arrests in London. When you dress up as a suicide bomber or incite decapitation you ought to be locked up. I pointed out the two that concerned me.

Was it a mob? Were the protesting in London? Did they "march"? Thought so.

I don't paint all Muslims as terrorists. Just those who cut off heads, riot over harmless cartoons, fly airliners into buildings, blow up subway stations, encourage violence. You know, terrorist acts.

By the way, Muslims are not a race.
Hey Mark, everything I can find in the British press says that NO arrests were made at the protest, except for the two counter protestors I mention in my post. The psycho dressed as a suicide bomber was arrested days later (for violating the conditions of his early release on a drug conviction) but EVERY story says "no other arrests were made." In fact it looks like everyone in England, except you, is upset about it.

I would love to see some press coverage of the "over 50 arrests, and quite a few of them are still in prison" you referred to above. How about some links to those stories? Do some of that "research" you like so much.

Mark said: " some research before you post so you don't look quite so stupid. There were over 50 arrests, and quite a few of them are still in prison."

"Not only did the police make no arrests at last Friday's grotesque demonstration, which openly incited murder; they actually sheltered the fanatics. Two men who tried to stage a peaceable counterdemonstration were hustled away for questioning." - Geoffrey Wheatcroft "Slate"

"Scotland Yard defended its ... decision not to intervene and make arrests." - "The Guardian"

"The only arrests made were of two counter-demonstrators..." - "Daily Mail"

"Police in London had been criticised for not making any arrests during protests outside the Danish Embassy..." - "Middle East Online"

"No arrests were made at the February 3 demonstration outside the Danish Embassy in London..." - Middle East Times

"...police who have so eagerly used new terror laws to arrest pacifist demonstrators and detain a harmless old man at the Labour Party Conference made not a single arrest." - Express and Star
It is truly a sad state of affairs. You are correct in your observations. There should be difference to protest calling for change vs. a protest of hate declaring obscenities against the holocaust, the Jews, and killing people in the West. Furthermore, it was in England that many of the 'muslim' protestors said that England deserved what happened last summer. Yet they still are allowed to continue to live and work and endanger the society in England.
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