Friday, February 10, 2006
  Liberal Stands For ... Well, Nothing
Don't you love it when you're talking to a liberal certain liberals and they finally say enough that you can catch them in an anaccuracy or an outright lie. When they finally open their mouth enough that they begin proving your point, what do they do? They hide, of course. Or in the blogosphere they just begin deleting your statements. I can't tell you the number of times I've had comments deleted by some of the cowards in my "In The Wrong..." list to the right. Of course they usually lie again and say, "I deleted it for profanity." Or, "It must not have posted."

Yeah, these people who don't even have the courage to engage in free and open discourse on a subject want to pretend that they're the champions of free speech. That's who we need running our country. They love to argue, as long as they can convince themselves they're winning. As soon as it becomes obvious their position resembles a sieve they're off and running.
I know what you mean. One of the blogs in your "In The Wrong" column routinely employs the liberal tactic or winning arguements by deleting any comments that don't support their point of view. He also will then try and deface your character by claiming your comments were deleted due to profanity (although he himself uses profanity in his blog from time to time).

Liberals find no problem whatsoever in telling bald faced lies. They know their position is untenable upon closer inspection. They just hope that their lies will fool enough gullible people to fall for their absurd point of view.
Yo, James!

I don't really understand how you can expect a dialog with this kind of generalization. Liberal can mean, like, 20 different things. And a Dole Conservative sure ain't a Bush Conservative, you know?

I know lots of folks who like to engage in serious debate, from every side of nearly every issue, who never slink off and hide.

Just a thought, there.
Good point, Rich. I appreciate the feedback. I commented on a blog yesterday and someone said they should put me on Pat Robertson's mailing list. Talk about a generalization. I'm certainly not a "Pat Robertson" conservative.

I should have said "certain liberals". Of course, there are lots of people from all political stripes who can be difficult to have a discussion with. And I myself won't hesitate to delete comments, especially if they are offensive or just someone proving what a wanker they are.

Thanks for stopping by.
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