Wednesday, May 03, 2006
  E Pluribus Unum?
A word to the illegal immigrants (They are criminals, not "undocumented workers!") and all others who wish to reap the bounty of this best and greatest country in the history of our Earth. Our first national motto was "E pluribus unum," Latin for "From many, one" or "Out of many, one." The literal translation is actually "One out of more."

The phrase comes from a poem, "Moretum" by an unknown author. The subject of the poem is a recipe of cheese, garlic and herbs and "color est e pluribus unus" describes the blending of colors into one. In other words, the colors become one so that they are inseparable. What a beautiful image of the dream of America.

What does E pluribus unum mean to America? Simple. We come from many countries, many cultures, many religions, many languages and many different ethnic roots. But in this country we must become one people, with one language in which to communicate and one rule of law to govern us. From many, one. "We the people..."

That rule of law requires that to be a citizen of this country and to enjoy the full benefit of what she offers there are procedures that must be followed. Those procedures do not include swimming or wading across the Rio Grande. They do not include being smuggled across our borders under the hood of a truck. They do not include crawling through a barbed wire fence in the dark of night. If you do those things you are hear illegally. You are a common criminal. You are not entitled to a single one of the benefits America's citizen's enjoy. You are entitled to a free trip back to the border you illegally came across. Period. You are not a part of "From many, one."

You do not deserve amnesty and automatic citizenship, any more than those criminals who received it from President Reagan in 1984. You do not deserve to compete in the job market with those who came to this country legally, earned their citizenship and swore their allegiance to America. You do not deserve to receive social services that those people who were born here receive. You do not even deserve to be incarcerated in one of our jails or prisons. Above all, your children do not deserve to automatically be American citizens. They to deserve to be sent back wherever you came from. They are not a part of "From many, one."

In 1954 President Eisenhower initiated "Operation Wetback" to stem the invasion of America by 1 million illegals per year. We forcibly sent many thousands back and many more left on their own. Reagan's 1984 amnesty for 3 million illegals opened a floodgate in our borders. Today there are more than 12 million people in this country who have no right to be here. President Bush himself, who supports another amnesty travesty, admits that one in every 12 illegals has a criminal record. Amnesty for them means that 1 million criminals are granted the same rights and freedoms American's enjoy. It means 1 million criminals are set loose to prey on American citizens.

Our country is not sectarian. It is not exclusive. It is not restrictive. We accept all who are willing to abide by our laws. Those laws include immigration laws. My great-great-grandfather came to this country in 1853 to escape famine and revolution in Germany. My other ancestors came over before that. And they became citizens legally, in accordance with America's laws.

I welcome immigrants. They are the strength of this nation. I am glad my own forbears wanted a better life and came to America. If they hadn't I wouldn't be here. This is a wonderful nation with unlimited opportunity. And in spite of the fact that much of the world has a rabid, virulent hatred for this country people are still eager to come here and become citizens. It is not hard to become an American citizen. Is it too much to ask that it be done legally?
....I agree with you.

I disagree that we should continually give them a ride back over to their side of the border. I think we could use a three strike law. After the third strike they should be either executed as an enemy invader, or imprisoned in an internment camp (like, Gitmo, abu Ghraib, etc)for invaders.

Although, there should be no special cultural diet or religious accommodations made on their behalf. They should be fed the left-over slop that our school children have to endure.

I bet it wouldn't be long before they would be begging to be allowed back to their country with sincere promises to never, ever, trespass into our country again. We probably wouldn't even have to furnish them transportation!
Why three strikes? Come in once illegally and get sent back. Come a second time and go to a bare bones, where you work hard and have a bare subsistence diet in a camp. One year there and you'll go back "hoime" willing to stay (or go in the otherdirection when you make a third effort.
Why any strikes? These people are an invading army of colonists flagrantly disregarding American sovereignty. I say let the National Guard lock and load and start shooting them as they cross the border.

Once word gets out, they'll stop coming.
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