Saturday, March 18, 2006
  Traitorous Media Whores

Retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner reveals insights and
knowledge of sensitive military plans regarding Iran to CNN.
Can you please include a link to the source? It doesn't appear to be on CCN's website.

In the meantime, why "Traitorous Media Whores?" I don't understand the use of the word "traitorous" in this context, nor, and perhaps especially, the use of the word "whores."
Umm, giving away information about military plans (which is classified), on public TV which can damage our military's campaign plan and possibly lead to more U.S. casualities is pretty much solidly traitorous. As for "whore", you obviously don't know what a whore is. Here's a clue, she gives it away for attention.
Clay: Or worse, for money.

Anon: No, find it yourself. It was a story on CNN Headline News in which the retired colonel discussed our military's future plans for dealing with Iran.

"traitorous" - deliberately and abominably disloyal or likely to betray trust or confidence

"whore" - A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain (Both definitions from the American Heritage Dictionary)

I know retired officers who act as "senior mentors" for the military can make $1,000 to $4,000 per day. Mr. Gardiner is a paid "military analyst". There's no telling what CNN paid him to discuss his knowledge of our military's plans. So, he's an overpaid media whore to boot.
Mr. Clay there is no reason to be insulting. I just was asking for a link to the source. I also thought he was retired and therefore not privvy to classified information to leak (unlike your vp dick cheney who did leak classified information apparently)

how did the retired general get the classified informationt?

Just responding to your snarky, arrogant comments appropriately.
When you retire from the military you still know classified things.

When did the Vice President leak classified military information?
I've never heard that one.
I'm not seeing anything that this Colonel said that was classified....or really even outside common knowledge. Divulging classified info would be something like giving up the identity of a CIA operative. Only a traitorous whore would do something like that.
Jay, I said "sensitive" not classified.

Common knowledge? Really, so you already know everything that these "military analysts" have to say on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.? I guess they really are overpaid.

What he sells is knowledge gained from his years of experience as a military leader and planner. You remember OPSEC? That term that you had no clue what it meant? Same principle applies here. He compromises our national security, the success of our mission, and the lives of our troops. That's traitorous. He does it for money. That's a whore.

On your ridiculous and ineffective "counter-punch," Plame was not a "covert operative." She had been working as an analyst at Langley for 6 years. This puts her outside the limits set by the legal statute that defines covert operatives.
Plame Not A "Secret Agent"
I would naturally assume that any "sensitive" military plans would be classified. Since what the colonel talked about is public knowledge...there doesn't seem to be much reason to call him a traitor for talking about it.

As for your dance about Plame....the CIA listed her as a covert agent.

But I guess you know more about that than the CIA itself...seeing as how you are a self described secret agent yourself.

LOL...."heros and villans"...wonderful sight that lists all chickenhawks who try to pass themselves off as veterans. It was nice to see your name on the list.

Another lame bit of nonsensical rambling that is the treadmark of the liberal moonbat, Jay. I guess it doesn't matter how many times he is told that you are in the U.S. Air Force he still lives in his fantasy world in which you are chickenhawk, and now a "self described secret agent"

Poor guy. I don't know whether too laugh at him and consider him entertainment or pity him for his complete lack of understanding.
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