Saturday, August 14, 2004
  The Majority Are Minorities (or some such silliness)
Okay, this just struck me as really nutty. While reading the paper this morning I saw the following quote under the story Judge blocks anti–gay marriage amendment on Louisiana ballot. The story is a short one relating how a judge has blocked a vote on an amendment to the state constitution that would ban marriages between homosexuals. His rational was the election date, Sept 18, is not a "statewide election date" as required by the La. constitution. Except that it is because it's the date of the statewide primary. But regardless, here's the quote by John Rawls, lead attorney for some individuals and the group Forum for Equality, who oppose the amendment.

"All Louisianians fall into one minority or another. The constitution is there to protect minorities from the majority."

What?!?! If we ALL "fall into one minority or another" then who is this majority we need protecting from? If we ALL "fall into one minority or another" how can there be any majority? I submit that the "majority" that Louisianians, and Americans, need protection from is the liberal, politically correct, anti-religion, anti-morals, anti-American left. That's who's eroding the bedrock of America and our constitutions. That's who's tearing down what the real majority believe in and want protected
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