Monday, August 22, 2005
  Cindy Doesn't Speak For A Whole Lot Of Folks
Does anyone else find it interesting, and reassuring, that the organization "peace" mom Cindy Sheehan co-founded, Gold Star Families for Peace, boasts less than 70 members who are relatives of service members killed in Iraq? That amounts to about 3 percent of the families of those killed, if every member of GSFP represented a different soldier, which I'm sure isn't the case.

And I thought no good news could come from this circus.
Actually, Jim, Ms. Sheehan speaks for a wide majority of Americans, 58% of whom disapprove of the President. [source]

Ms. Sheehan speaks for the 64% of Americans who believe the war in Iraq has made America less safe. [source]
First, it's James. Not Jim.

Second, there are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Polls can be made to say whatever the pollster wants.

Third, our policy decisions are not, and never should be made based upon polls. You want to get the opinion of the people in this country regarding the President and this war? Then let's have a vote and see what the results are.

Oh, wait a second, we already did that. And Bush received overwhelming support. In fact, more votes for him, and his policies, than any candidate IN HISTORY.
You can cite all the polls you want. Knowing they can be skewed, manipulated and biased doesn't equal "sticking your fingers in your ears and go "la-la-la-la-I-can't-heaaaarrrr-you!"

As I said, policy in this country isn't determined by polls or which fringe left radical is the loudest. Like I said, we put it to a vote last November. The support for the President was certainly "overwhelming" enough to overwhelm the challenger.
Good post as usual James. Looks like you've got a real loser on the hook here. He sounds like the typical liberal "useful idiot".

Don, you said:

"That's a child's reply. Would you care to attempt a grown-up reply?"

That's funny. If anyone is acting childish its you. Calling James "Jimbo" after he told you his name wasn't Jim, and your silly, little: "I proved you wrong with a variety of sources, and your response is to stick your fingers in your ears and go "la-la-la-la-I-can't-heaaaarrrr-you!" [What's next from you? "Na na na na boo boo, I guess I told you"?]serve to demonstrate who the child is in this discussion.

Hey Don. Here's a tip for you. Why don't you grow up yourself, before you suggest that others do.

You said:

"we're gonna have another vote in 15 months (assuming the Bush regime doesn't declare martial law and suspend free elections, that is). The Bush regime is runnin' scared---as well they should be."

Apart from the idiotic notion of Bush delcaring "martial law", why would the Bush administration (notice I said administration and not regime. This country is still a democratic republic and not communist. However, if you liberals had your way then we would see a regime, a socialist/communist one. Thank heavens you keep losing elections.)
be running scared? Bush isn't running for a third term. He can't. Read the constitution.

You said:

"Mea culps, Jim."

Once again, his name is James. If you're going to try and impress people by using a latin phrase try getting it right. It should be mea culpa.

James, Don thinks that by quoting polls as sources he has covered his bases. He just doesn't get it.

You're right. This nation's policies aren't dictated by the fickleness of polls.

Don probably thinks we are a democracy. Thank heavens our founding fathers knew better and designed our government after a democratic republic. After all democractic governments dissolve into dictatorships in no time.

Citizens of a pure democracy tend to eventually vote themselves into slavery to their government via a monarchy or dictatorship.
It is ironic, Clay, that someone who presumes to be so enlightened refuses to call someone by the name they prefer. Typical liberal tactics.

Of course, from someone whose blog praises Abbie Hoffman as a "patriot" who stood up to "capitalist lackeys" and claims that Clinton "successfully combatted terrorism" it's no less than I'd expect.

As usual, if your position can't be defended, then belittle the opposition. It's a lot easier than trying to have an intelligent, adult discussion.

Get a grip. You must stop making an ass out of yourself on-line. It's embarrasing.

You are the sole "boy here hurling schoolyard insults and disengenious invective".

All you've managed to do so far is respond with arrogant, snooty remarks about buying dictionaries, instructing me on what an "independent bookseller" is, as if I or anyone else really care, and like it is in anyway germane to the topic at hand.

As for disingenous invective, looks like you got that all wrapped up as well. Quoting statistics is lame. James and I have already addressed that, all you seem to be able to do is insultingly point out spellling errors, suggest buying dictionaries, and anything but make any sort of cogent argument.

I suspect that it's because you don't really have one. I also suspect that you are incapable of "adult conversation:.

Please, do everyone here a favor and save your snooty attitude, and your arrogant, but childish put- downs for your website Captain Normal.

Btw, anyone can mispell a word. Especially if they are posting on the fly. However, when you use "big words" or latin phrases in order to appear intelligent, you might want to spell them right and know what their meaning is lest you cast the opposite impression of yourself. ;)
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