Sunday, August 21, 2005
  Get A Grip, Goodman
Columnist Ellen Goodman is one person I can count on ... to always say something wrong. In this weeks column she joins the coalition of those lefties trying to canonize "peace" mom Cindy Sheehan.

"So the question is not whether the president will talk with her. He won't." Yes, he did. Last spring. Cindy got an opportunity most parents who've lost children in this war never will. She wasted that moment by deferring to what "Casey would want". Sorry about that. Why should she get a second audience? Especially when she's already told us all what she'd say and ask. Most especially when she's already told us all the answers she would demand. Sorry Cindy, you had your shot. Now go home.

"Until now, the rallying cry ''Support Our Troops" meant ''Support the War." One seemed inseparable from another. Criticizing the war felt like criticizing the troops," says Cindy. "But on a dusty, hot road in Texas, Sheehan worked to sever this link."

Wrong again, Ellen. A typical lie of the left is "I support the troops but I'm against this war." Sorry, can't be done. If you believe this then either you believe all those in the military are simpletons and buffoons who didn't know what they were getting into and are now forced to follow orders they disagree with. Or you believe they are all mercenary pawns of U.S. foreign policy who have no honor but do what they do for the joy of killing and to earn another buck.

The truth is this is a volunteer military. They enlist knowing they are the tools used to protect our interests and advance them around the world. They know they may be called to put themselves in harm's way and even die for those interests. They take an oath to "follow the orders of the President and of the officers appointed over" them. Whether or not they agree with a particular mission, operation or war is irrelevant and immaterial. They pledged a sacred oath. They have the courage to honor that oath. The least the anti-war left could do is have the courage to admit they want the military to trade their honor in for their political views.

If you oppose the mission the military is executing then you also oppose the military themselves. They willingly enlisted and they willingly carry out their orders. If you want to support the troops then support them, but quit trying to straddle a non-existent fence.
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