Friday, August 26, 2005
  With "Friends" Like This
Yeah buddy, with friends like the Italians who needs enemas.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was informed of - and thus gave at least tacit approval of - a plan for Italian Red Cross workers to "treat" four terrorists and to hide them from American military forces. This treachery was to secure the release of two kidnapped Italians, Simona Pari and Simona Torretta.

Italians negotiated with terrorist "moderators" to save four wounded terrorists who were being sought by the American forces. Italian Red Cross workers smuggled the killers to a Baghdad hospital, hiding them under blankets and cases of medicine to sneak them through two US checkpoints. In addition to harboring these killers, Italian Red Cross doctors provided medical care, operating on the terrorists.

The Italian government has claimed that the chief of the Italian Red Cross had acted on his own and the government "never conditioned or oriented his action, which … was developed in complete autonomy." But he had informed the government of the deal and the decision to deceive the Americans.

And these bastardi are our "allies"???

Can this Italy really be the same nation that gave birth to the hero, Fabrizio Quattrocchi. I hope that you remember him. He was the Italian baker, working as a security guard in Iraq, who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists. They tried to use his murder as propaganda by videotaping his death. They took him to a field and had him dig a grave. But rather than beg or grovel, Quattrocchi stood and tried to pull off his hood, shouting, "Now I'll show you how an Italian dies." Al-Jazeera chose not to air the video, saying it was too "gruesome". The truth - it made the terrorists look like the murderous thugs they are, and showed a man of courage defying them. No propaganda value to be had there.

I wonder how Quattrocchi would react to this latest appeasement and treachery by his mother country. We should deliver a stern message to the Italians, "Thanks for your help, but we'll get along fine without you from here on."
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