Thursday, September 08, 2005
  I Guess We Don't Get It
I'll bet the liberal media is completely baffled by this:
According to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll taken Sept. 5-6, a mere 13% of Americans hold President Bush responsible for the situation in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. In fact, 25% blame "state and local officials". More than half of those polled say Bush has done anywhere from a great to a mediocre job "responding to the hurricane and subsequent flooding."

I guess we just haven't been listening to enough Chris Matthews, Miles O'Brien (CNN) and the whining, liberal bloggers. They want us to blame Bush for, among other things, the National Guard not being sent in fast enough, even though Gov. Blanco has authority over the Guard and should have mobilized them before Katrina even hit.. O'Brien practically demanded that Miss. Gov. Barbour agree with him that "the federal government has dropped the ball here."

Oh well, as long as there are enough ignorant, left-wing sheep to keep repeating the media's Democratic "I Hate Bush" talking points within there own echo chamber they should be able to keep their ratings up.

(By the way, my friend Lawman encouraged me to stop referring to the loony fringe left as "wing nuts" because, as he pointed out, a wing nut at least serves a useful purpose.)
James, ask Lawman if providing us an opportunity to laugh at the absurd is a useful purpose. ; )
okay. You've got me there Clay. I guess you can keep calling them "wing nuts" after all. I have certainly gotten several good laughs from the more outrageous responses left on yours and James' sites.

Keep this fact in mind: Every time you point a finger, there are three pointing back at YOU!

There is enough blame to go around for everyone in this situation. From the Federal government to the citizens of New Orleans. How about we all stop blaming each other for things we can't fix anyway? That way we can focus on what's really important right now: Rebuilding our great Nation after the tragedy that has befallen us.
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