Saturday, October 08, 2005
  On High Alert? Not So Much.
In all the excitement over the "incident" yesterday in New York's subways my father noticed something more than a little alarming. As our media did it's best to make sure that if anything happened we would see very second of it live they also caught images of New York Cities finest. ANd what were these officers doing during this imminent crisis? You'd expect them to have their heads up, on the alert, scanning their surroundings for anything suspicious or threatening.

Instead what we saw was this,

and this,

and this.

New York City cops standing around, talking to and looking at each other. Way to maintain your situational awareness!
I think this is a case of someone stalking the cops and waiting for them to take a break. Honestly. They were on high alert and they deserve to take a little time off. There could've been more cops to the left or right of them a few feet who were taking over while the pictured too breaks. But the camera man conveniently left that out to make it look like no one cares about attacks. Then they'll blame it on Bush.
Actually, I saw this while watching live coverage of the event. Every cop they showed was with several others just talking and not staying heads up at all.

That was what prompted me to seek out the photos and make the post.
Perhaps they knew what the rest of us found out later...the whole thing was bogus.
I agree with Jay. Perhaps they knew the alert was bogus to make a political comment.

Start thinking for yourself!
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