Friday, November 11, 2005
  Great Minds Think Alike
One of the finest milbloggers around, BlackFive, gives voice to some of the same thoughts and attitudes I've spoken. Witness his "Friday Freefly- Veterans Day Vent":
Things that chafe my cones- Veteran's Day edition:
Chickenhawking: This non-argument is usually deployed to belittle a pro-war argument due to a lack of personal military service. ... The sad thing is looking at the dirty, nasty, patchouli-smelling hippie and having to think "I served so this clown can flap his cakehole?".

"I support the troops, but not the war": Then you don't support the troops. Once US troops are deployed in a foreign war and you actively protest and attempt to undermine the government's prosecution and even rationale for the war, you are no longer supporting the troops. ... You are especially culpable in this time of instant and worldwide media, by providing fodder for the enemy, their propagandists and the media in countries whose support the troops need to succeed.

Moral Superiority from Lefties: I guess if you have a media that parrots your mindset it is easy to stay in your echo chamber and look down on we mindless automatons and our corporate-oil controllers as we wreak destruction upon an otherwise peaceful, idyllic Shangri-La. ... If somehow having the intellectual rigor and intestinal fortitude to act in the cause of freedom and liberation rather than debate it fruitlessly makes us morally inferior, so be it! That is not a morality I would shed a drop of anyone's blood for.

Armchair Generalship: ... Anyone who has served, knows the military plans for everything and that there were obviously plans for post-war Iraq. ... 5 years from now we will look back and without the distortion of the media's defeatist lens see a true example of liberty delivered not at the point of a gun, but definitely by warriors carrying them.
Go on over and check out the rest of his post. If you've got a brain you'll find yourself in agreement with the Paratrooper of Love.

Thanks for visiting.

Chickenhawk: Defined as someone who talks tough and sends others to die, but has either never served, or weedled himself out of serving. Cheif chickenhawk, of course, is your President Bush.

Support the Troops, but not the war: I do. I fought in the first Iraq mess led by "No-Nuts" Norman ("No-Nuts" because he didn't have the balls to finish the job, - along with "wobbly" Bush Snr.). At this time, I support the troops more than ever, because I know what they are going through.

Moral Superiority of the Left: Thank God for that, 'cause someone has to take a moral line aginst the corporate purchased, no-brains who enjoy the deaths of others. Moreover, you don't seem to see the chains that even now are circling your body by those you claim to support, and when you do, it will be too late.

Armchair Generalship: It is clear to anyone with an independant brain to think with that there was NEVER an exit policy, otherwise the Iraq Army would never have been disbanded, and the political structure as it was would not have been destroyed. Bad as those things were, anarchy, which is what you've got at the moment, is much worse.

I hope you are enjoying the petrol you're putting in you car, - it's been bought and paid for some other mother's son!
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