Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  But What Do You Do With The Hawks?
Some like to bandy about the term "chickenhawk" as if it elevates their standing in any argument about the war.
For example: "A chickenhawk is one who glorifies in war. ... They do not, however, wish to actually fight. They do not want to be bothered with going down to the enlistment center, taking an oath, go through boot camp, and actually give over a few years of their life and possibly their life itself."
And, "I've also not been shy about saying most people who support the war in Iraq are chickenhawk hypocrites who cheer war but somehow find a reason not to actually enlist and go fight it themselves."
They think because they oppose a war they have higher moral ground. They rant and rave while giving half-hearted peace signs, looking like hippie wanna-be's born too late.

But I rarely see them deal with the issue of those who support a war who DO serve. They don't seem to have an answer for those who've served for two decades, under four Presidents, during numerous wars and contingencies. They don't have a clever soundbite when confronted with the fact that enlistments are highest among those who've already been to Iraq and Afghanistan.

So they scream, "Chickenhawk!" Seems kind of chicken to me.
Some of us cry chickenhawk because we grow weary of those who never served in combat, and who never will, telling us that we are cowards.
Like I said, you have no answer for those who support the war and the President who DO serve in the military and those who HAVE seen combat.

But that's okay, keep on crying.
Most who have seen combat would rather never see it again. Most would certainly not want their son to enter into combat or die unless it was for a very good reason. A lie is not much of a reason.

Don't believe me? Ask a vet. did...and you called him a hippie coward.

My, aren't you the brave one.
Hippie coward? I don't think so. You were a little young to be a hippie. Though I bet you would have fit in just fine.

By the way, when do you claim to have served? If the age on your blog is correct it seems you were a bit young for Vietnam.

Now, if most who have "seen combat would rather never see it again" then why are so many of those who have seen it reenlisting? Why are they volunteering to go back? And why do so many of them continue to support the war and the President?
There has been wars beyond Vietnam, you ignorant kid.

As for your claims that most who see combat love it as much as you...well...I just speak from experience. When you have earned the right to speak as a veteran, I'll may pay more attention. Until then, you're just a wanna-be warrior chickenhawk that couldn't make it a week in boot camp, much less a year on the ground.

Prove me wrong. Show me your bravery. Run down and enlist today.

If they will take you.

So, in which war did you supposedly get "shrapnel in both legs"? All I ever see from you are vague references.

I enlisted nearly 18 years and have served ever since.

Nuff said.

I see you're ignorant, ankle biter, "hippie, Abby Hoffman wannabe" is still hanging around. It's funny how he continues to accuse you of not serving, (you and I both know that you are in the U.S. Air Force) while expecting everyone to believe that he served (without no shred of proof) and has "earned the right to speak as a veteran" against all those who serve like his liberal puppet masters tell him to. When is he going to put up and shut up?

At least it would be helpful if he would make cogent arguments to support his leftist viewpoint instead of just spouting off arrogant name calling rants that make him look rather childish and well...just plain stupid.

For someone his age, he ought to be ashamed of himself.
Jay, you arrogant whiner. Do you really expect me to be goaded by an insecure, self-loathing tub o' guts like you? Go back to your cat-blogging and crying about smoking and eating too much.

Those who continue to serve, like Clay and me, can do without you pretenders and your half-hearted peace signs.

Don't worry, Jay, you can keep on spewing your unAmerican, liberal bile. America will continue to be defended by those of us who have taken, and upheld our oath, in spite of all those who merely claim to have answered the call.
I think that those who support the war AND serve their Country are some of the most honest and morally upstanding people I know.

Chickenhawk is reserved for the Sean Hannities, Ann Coulters, George Bushes of the world who eagerly send others to war but refused to do it themselves (when it was their turn) and, in George Bush's case, refuses to send his own children to war (Don't give me crap about the President's kids. The royal family sends their kids to the military and most serve in combat assignments).

Why is it so important? Because when you look at the size of the population which is all lathered up about the war and then you see the dismal recruiting numbers you know that there are large amounts of chickenhawks in the Country.
Kevin: "I think that those who support the war AND serve their Country are some of the most honest and morally upstanding people I know."

Thanks for the compliment, Kevin. And I agree with you, those serving in our military today are some of the most honest and morally upstanding people around.

Regardless if there is one person who is not serving who supports the war or if there are 1,000 isn't the point. The point is, for those who rant and rave about "chickenhawks", what about those who are just plain hawks? Those who are serving and do support the war.

Your answer shows there is only one right answer. Honor them and respect them.
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