Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  Greenpeace Environmentally UNfriendly
Greenpeace is apparently no friend to the undersea world.

In a story at BBC News it is revealed that Greenpeace is guilty of damaging a coral reef in the Philippines.

The radical group's flagship, Rainbow Warrior II, ran aground while on a tour to promote "environmentally-friendly" energy sources. Over 1,000 square feet of the reef was destroyed.

The incident occured while Greenpeace divers were inspecting the reef, in Tubbataha park, for the effects of "global warming." Ironically, they found that there was no evidence of tell-tale bleaching and the reef was healthy. Or at least it was before Greenpeace arrived!

The group attempted to shift blame for the damage to the Philippine government, blaming outdated charts for their own destructive acts.
Isn't it interesting that they immediately paid the fine on the slight....and reversable...damage they did?

Oh..if only corporations who permantly destroy hundreds of square miles of coral would do the same.

Do you have a point, other than the one on your head?

First, I don't defend corporations. Second, everything I've ever read says that damage to coral reefs is not reversible.

I do enjoy pointing out the hypocrisy of an environmental activist group that causes more damage to a coral reef than they prevent.

From "The expedition ... is part of the global effort of Greenpeace to document what is at stake should global warming worsen.
The Rainbow Warrior is on the "Asia Energy Revolution Tour" ... to promote a massive shift to clean, renewable energy.
Without that shift, the rest of the coral reef will face complete destruction."

Since the expidition found no global warming damage, it seems the biggest threat to the reef is from the Rainbow Warrior and it's tree-hugging crew.
Well...I personally think knocking into a reef is not quite as bad as destroying an entire ecosystem of corals with pollution.

But you're welcome to your opinion.

...since you don't mind looking stupid having it
Maybe you're right, Jay. And maybe Greenpeace considers that reef just "collateral damage" in their war against "global warming". After all, the ends justify the means,right?

Keep on showing that liberal hypocrisy.
Good Blog here James, I'll put it on my check it out list. Several workers with PETA were recently caught breaking into animal shelters to gather up dogs. No, not to adopt them, to kill them and dump them into dumpsters. Like Greenpeace, their concern is phoney, it is the political clout and power they desire.
As coral is a living environment, as long as the damage is not extensive, it will recover. Get some new books!
BBC News: "Coral, which grows at the rate of only a centimetre a year, takes thousands of years to form. Any recovery will not take place for decades or centuries. "
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