Friday, November 11, 2005
  Yes, There Were WMDs
Of course, one of the big lies (along with the "Bush lied!" mantra) is that the war is unjustified because we found no WMDs. What a crock.

Here's a partial list of what has been found in the past 2 1/2 years:
  • 1.77 metric tons of enriched uranium
  • 1,700 gallons of chemical-weapon agents
  • Chemical warheads containing the nerve agent cyclosarin
  • Radioactive materials in powdered form designed for dispersal over population centers
  • Artillery projectiles loaded with binary chemical agents
This in addition to what Saddam managed to sneak out of Iraq before America liberated the country.
Whose propoganda are you listening to now. EVEN Blair admits that there are NO WMD, someone is winding you up.
What's wrong Mark? Can't handle the truth?

I have just two questions for you:

1. What were the dates you were deployed to the Persian Gulf area? (ie: from what day to what day)

2. Do you always believe everything you see and/or hear on TV?

I've been to the Gulf on several different occassions over the past 15+ years. I've seen the WMD materials with my very own eyes.

I find it odd that individuals who have never served in the military or who have never set foot on Iraqi territory try to speak like they are experts on the country.

To head off the ensuing argument, the last statement above is not intended as a direct attack on you Mark. Rather, it is offered as a broad generalization of the "armchair generals" who seem to think they know what is occuring in a land a thousand miles or more from where they sit.
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