Sunday, November 13, 2005
  Not The Answer You Wanted?
Matt Lagrone makes an interesting comment in a post from Iraq. In answering questions from some Texas elementary school kids he says:

#11 How "bad" is it/should we be there?

This is what I get asked the most and I always find this question interesting. Why? Because the person back home wants me to give a particular anwer that agrees with what they have already concluded on their own. They don't care what I really think, unless I agree with them.

Conservatives ask this question expecting me to say that the media is blowing everything way out of proportion. They want me to say all Iraqi's love us and we are making incredible progress with our efforts in Iraq. There is some naive thinking that is coming from the right. I think some conservatives do not have a realistic idea of this place. I'll even dare to say some are in denial of some mistakes [that] may have been made the past few years.

My liberal friends also expect an answer. They expect me to describe this horrendous combat experience that takes place everyday, all over the country. They want me to say that every soldier is living "Black Hawk Down" on steriods every day. It's like they think that when I crossed the Iraqi border the combat compared to storming the beaches of Omaha but without the honor. They want me to say that all Iraqi's hate us, the war is doomed to failure, and every soldier's morale is incredibly low. They want me to say that we are muderous thugs. They are wrong. Very very wrong in my opinion. When I disagree with them I am now an uneducated, ignorant, brainwashed soldier.

Still dodged the question didn't I......

He says that both right and left want him to support their preconceived opinions. But it's obvious who views the American soldier with the honor and dignity they deserve and who wants to paint the bleakest picture possible.
There are always three sides to any story. They are:

1. Your version
2. My version
3. The Truth

Whether it be law enforcement or politics, this proverb has been proven accurate over and over, time after time.
C'mon ya slacker! Get to postin' dude! You've had the same item up for several days now.

We got us some Liberals to irritate ya know?
Sorry, buddy. Getting ready to go to PACOM again. It is a bigger goat roap this year than when you went. Less than a week out and we still don't know for sure when we're going.
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