Saturday, November 12, 2005
  Liberal Peaceniks vs. Real Heroes
The Left's hippie spin: "Most who have seen combat would rather never see it again. ... Don't believe me? Ask a vet." - Jay

The Ground Truth: "Once in while I have the honor of meeting and speaking to a person who is in a different league. Today I met just such a person. I'll call him Sergeant K. ... [He] was lying on a hospital gurney, needles and tubes running in and out of his arms, with a bullet hole in one leg. He had been injured in a gun fight the prior evening and was being prepared for transport home. ... [I want you to] understand the thinking and nobility of these great men. Less than a month ago, Sergeant K was in another fight in which he received shrapnel to the other leg. He now has two Purple Hearts pending. In spite of his wounds, he expressed a desire to be back with his men, engaged in the fight, supporting them and leading them. That desire and drive came from somewhere deep in his spirit..." - Chaplain (Captain) Brad P. Lewis
Can't find a vet, huh?

Maybe calling them names when they don't slobber at your fantasies about war drives them away. I know where you could find some real soldiers to talk to....down at your recruitment office. Trot on down and have a word with them. What with the Army lowering it's IQ standards to make up for plummenting enlistments, you might stand a chance of getting in. Then you could go over and do some real soldiering.

They may even issue you a pair if you make it through boot.
You arrogant, bloated headcase, if I want to find a military veteran all I have to do is look in the mirror. I've served every day for the last 17-plus years.

Does your self-loathing come from the guilt you feel for hating your own country? Is that what causes you to make up these liberal fantasies about yourself? It made Sgt Jimmy Massey do the same thing. (The difference is he actually served his country instead of just making it up just to impress the girls.)

Maybe you can find some shrink to tell you its not your fault. You were probably just "trapped". Oops, I forgot. Being a shrink is one of your other fantasies.

Maybe it's time to take that vacation. You're even more annoying than usual.
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