Wednesday, July 25, 2007
  Iraq/Afghanistan - July 2007
I spent last week (15-21 July) chasing General Pace around Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany. Our trip took us to Baghdad, Ramadi and Al Taquaddum in Iraq; Bagram, Kabul, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Qalat in Afghanistan; and Nurnberg, Schweinfurt, Stuttgart and Ramstein in Germany.

This was a troop visit and I expect it will be one of General Pace's last big trips before he retires in October. At every stop we made he held a town hall meeting with the troops and in Germany he met with family members of deployed troops and visited our wounded at Landstuhl Medical Center. His message was simple: "Thank you." At every stop he also shook hands with and gave one of his coins to EVERY person. He answered all questions and took pictures with anyone who wanted one.

On this trip the Chairman was accompanied by two other big names: Retired Marine Colonel Harvey C. 'Barney' Barnum, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, and Sergeant Major William J. 'Joe' Gainey, the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman. They both also spoke to the troops. It was a really busy trip but I did have time to take some pictures. A few of them are below.

This is one of the reasons we have to fight.
Me with some Afghan children at the Governor's home in Qalat.

General Pete Pace, CJCS & me.
At Multi-National Division Baghdad HQ.
With Colonel Barnum.
Outside Uday & Qusay Hussein's old hunting lodge where we spent the night in Baghdad.
With Sergeant Major Joe Gainey.
Strapped into a UH-60 Blackhawk over Iraq.
With Jim Garamone, DoD reporter.
Sweating on a C-130 on the ramp in Jalalabad.
With Colonel Katie Haddock, General Pace's PA officer.
With the General's Exec in a Blackhawk over Afghanistan.
Good to go in the back of the C-130.
One wonders if liberal moonbat Jay will try to use these pictures to support his ludicrous notion that you work at McDonalds hence the uniforms you wear in these photos.
You will notice that Crazy Jay doesn't leave his neurotic, irrational comments over here anymore because anybody who visits this blog can plainly see the truth and can see what a crackpot he is. He keeps his screed on his site where he can control the echo chamber and create his own "reality."
Sheer Jay: Sycophants Only
By the way, the "McDonald's" picture he's fixated on is actually a profile pic I had cropped from an Olan Mills family portrait in which I am wearing a white shirt & red tie & you can see part of the striped shirt my son is wearing. "What a maroon!"
I like the McDonald's uniforms, I've seen them somewhere. Glad to see you're safe and giving real details not creative as the NR provides.
Jay is nothing more than a sad, neurotic moron who can't handle the truth. He apparently likes living in his liberal echo chamber world because, in his mind, it excuses him from actually having to grow up and be an adult and handle responsibility.

After all, in the liberal mindset, everyone is a victim of society and therefor, society owes them a living.

But I digress...
Nice pictures, James. Glad you made it home safe (again).

Me? I'm not sure I could handle all that time in the back of a C-130, let alone a Blackhawk.

Heck, I once got sick on a "Tilt-o-Whirl."
Sorry. One other thing.

I've read some of the comments Jay has left here. The one where he commented that he "prayed that you" got back into combat was possibly the single most repulsive comment I have ever read.

Ick, ick, ick.

Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate you comments. Actually, a Blackhawk is a pretty smooth ride. Take off and landing can be a little wobbly. But the rotor keeps you pretty cool, even in Iraq!

Jay is what he is. Most of his comments seem to be driven by his jealousy and his neuroses.

Stick around, I have another big trip coming up soon and should have more pictures up.
Sorry to bring up an issue that's dead over here, but...

I stopped by Jay's blog and posted a non-aggressive comment that wishing a soldier harm, regardless of political disagreement, was a bad thing.

He claims you've never served a day in uniform in your life... which means you've either pulled the greatest fake ever (all those pics of the same dude! my word!) or Jay's psychotic.

I'm going with the latter.

Well, Rich. I see you've gotten the full-on "Jay treatment". At this point you should stop wasting your time as any further pressure from you will probably result in deletion and manipulation of posts in order to reinforce his own skewed version of "reality."
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