Monday, September 15, 2008
  Insulting Governors?
I'm really getting sick of those on the Left who insist on denigrating and disqualifying Governor Palin because Alaska just doesn't measure up as a state!

I mean, is it fair to say someone isn't qualified to lead this country because their state is 49th in population, less people than any state but Wyoming? Or because it was ranked 32nd among states in which to do business and has been said by experts to have "a really stagnant economy"? Or because only 11% of workers in the state are unionized? Or because it's the only state in the union not to require a balanced budget? Or because it has only 2 major airports? Or because it has some of the least restrictive gun control laws in the country, including being able to purchase or concealed carry a firearm without a permit or license? Or that more than two-thirds of the population identify themselves as Christians?

What do these things, or any others, have to do with how well the governor of that state could lead the country? Get real people!
I've caught up with some of your posts, and you are so right on. Great minds think alike.
Or that there are fewer residents in the entire state than in the city where I live?

Was your post meant to be complimentary or supportive of Mrs. Palin? Hmmm... could have fooled me.

Actually, the state I described is Vermont, and I don't recall anyone questioning Dr. Howard Dean's fitness to be President because of the somewhat rusticated and insignificant standing of his state.
Maine only has two "MAJOR" airports, and Mitchell was a pretty big dog "back in the day".

No one ever challenged HIS authority or capabilities based on population.
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