Monday, August 16, 2004
  No Laughing Matter
America OnLine and ABC news ran a story today along with a poll about the sense of humor of the presidential candidates. What I found interesting was the general tone of the humor. Observe...

George Bush On the Vice President
"I admit it, Dick Cheney is not the prettiest candidate in the race. I didn't pick him because of his looks."
John Kerry On His Ticket
"We've got better vision. We've got better ideas... And we've got better hair."

George Bush On the Weapons Hunt
"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere... nope, no weapons over there... maybe under here?'' at a press dinner.
John Kerry On the Temperature
[It's so cold it's] "almost enough to want to hug Dick Cheney to get warm."

George Bush On Politics
"You and I are in the same business,'' to a man who sells air for a living.
John Kerry On His Political Future
"Will you do me a favor, help me get a better plane to sleep on come next November?" to a crowd.

George Bush On Himself
"[Arnold Schwarzenegger and I] both married above ourselves, we both have trouble with the English language, we both have big biceps -- well, two out of three aren't bad."
John Kerry On His Wife
"You'd be amazed how many places I've gone and people say to me, 'If she were running for president, I'd vote for her.' But she isn't -- let me remind you."

George Bush When in Vegas
"My wife was back here recently.... She said something along the lines, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I was interested in hearing her say that."
John Kerry When in Vegas
"We have to get this economy moving, because there is nothing worse than an unemployed flying Elvis."

Notice, all of the President's line, with the exception of one, were genuinely funny. I wasn't amused by the one about weapons of mass destruction simply because it's vexing that we haven't found enough evidence to shut up the left, as if that were possible.

Compare those jokes to Kerry's. Some of Kerry's are just stupid and the only one that could be funny, regarding Tuh-Ray-Zuh, isn't funny because of the kind of person I believe her to be. The rest are only funny in a mean-spirited way, the way tearing the legs off a bug might be funny to some.
Good point, but another thing I find interesting in a sickening way is...all the individuals I speak to that will vote Kerry, do not speak of Kerry's credentials rather they want Bush out.

It's scary their hatred is blinding them of the obvious. Kerry is an indecisive idiot as opposed to Bush being rational of decision making. geez
God bless America! Thank you for your service.

Keep blogging!
A proud American
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