Friday, August 26, 2005
  Bethany Berry & Camp Reality (Updated)
Eric Pfeiffer at National Review has a great story about the growing protest movement down at Crawford, Texas. No, I don't mean Camp Cindy, that refuge for left-over hippies. I'm talking about Camp Reality.

The founder and driving force behind Camp Reality is a 17 year-old young lady named Bethany Berry. ANd yes, Miss Berry definitely has "skin in the game" as "Saint" Cindy likes to put it. Her father, John Berry, is a chaplain with the US Army, currently serving in Iraq. "Before being shipped to Iraq, John served as the Methodist preacher in Crawford. [Bethany has] lived in Crawford for about two years and didn't hesitate to add her name to the counter-protest movement. 'I'm just here supporting my president and my Dad.' Berry said."

"We have a Palestinian man down here supporting the president. He is driving to Dallas and back to bring us a generator so we can have power and maybe a fan or something to cool off. He says that despite what you see and hear in the media his people want to be free and they want the U.S. in Iraq," Berry says. "They realize by us being there we are providing security and helping improve everyone's lives. We also have a 9/11 survivor who has been visiting the site. These are the stories you're not hearing about everyday."

Why isn't the mainstream (i.e., liberal) media giving round the clock coverage to patriotic Americans along with the pacifists and appeasers? Because it doesn't prop up their anti-Bush, anti-America bias, that's why!

UPDATE: Lefty nuts are trying to convince me the pro-America protests are getting good coverage compared to the "peace" protests. Right. I found 2 references to "Bethany Berry" and 79 to "Camp Reality" at Yahoo News Search. Only found about 15,000 for Cindy and Camp Casey. Gee, why would I complain?
Maybe Pro-Bush citizens are on the internet less often? If half the country (approx) voted for Bush, you'd think there'd be more folks at these Support the Troops rallies. Or more hits on "camp reality" google searches. Anyone can post a blog - don't need to be a well-funded MSM just to get on the net. Odd...
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