Saturday, August 27, 2005
  Like A Virgin
It dawned on me today what "peace" Mom Cindy Sheehan is.

I saw this picture ...

... and realized: She has become - for the liberal media, the anti-war hippie peaceniks and the hate-Bush fringe left - the Blessed Madonna. As soon as I saw the photo I was instantly put in mind of Mary, the mother of our Lord, reaching out her hand in blessing. Tell me that's not what it looks like "Saint" Cindy is doing in this staged photo op.
Hail Mother Cindy, full of treasonous hate, please, please, please don't leave Crawford, can you pass that joint...and is there any way you could possibly get Peter, Paul & Mary to come and give us a concert? I mean, ahem, Bush sucks!

Well put James. It looks the atheistic left now has a religious icon of its own. But, they've forgotten about their precious "separation of church and state". Looks like their gonna have to separate Mother Cindy from the state of Texas.
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