Friday, August 26, 2005
  More You Won't See on The MSM (Updated)
Here's a sound bite the liberal media won't be playing over and over. Why? Because they want to destroy public support for President Bush and the war for liberty in Iraq. Quotes like the following show the way REAL Americans feel about the issue.

"I know that if something happens to one of the boys, they would leave this world doing what they believe, what they think is right for our country." Tammy Pruett of Pocatello, Idaho, whose husband and five sons are serving or have served with the US military in Iraq.

Now tell me, why does "Saint" Cindy get a free bully pulpit provided by the "mainstream" media. Why don't people like Mrs. Pruett get round the clock coverage of their every move? One reason may be that Mrs. Pruett is taking care of her family instead of trying to become the next Jane Fonda or Abbie Hoffman.

God bless you, Tammy, and may God protect your sons as they finish their noble mission.

UPDATE: One of the sheep tried to tell me the mainstream media is covering this with "thousands" of stories. Using Google News search I found 250 references to "Tammy Pruett" ... as opposed to 14,000 + for "Mother" Cindy.

Yeah, that's fair & balanced.
I left you a link to over a thousand citations of this story---which you quickly deleted. What are you afraid of Jim? Someone who can prove your "liberal media" is a delusion?

Because obviously, you're afraid of something...

Don (the real one) Myers
I deleted your previous comment since someone (donmyers) was leaving links to filth in comments.

I wish I had left it so I could show how inflated your "citations" were. I searched and found quite a few less than you claimed to. Certainly nothing to match the media's devotion to "Saint" Cindy.
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